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$30.00 Target Gift card

Starts On May 05, 2020 Ends On May 29, 2020


Enter to win a $30.00 Target gift card!

I am grateful for all of my readers and listeners and love doing giveaways to show appreciation. I also love Target 💕


It’s super easy to enter!


How to Enter:


1. Fill out the entry form


2. Comment below on what you would get yourself AND hit the share button[this is only if you would like the extra entry- doing both qualifies you for the extra 😊 ]

3. Check back here or on my Facebook page (Facebook.com/chasinglittlebearsblog) on May 27th where I’ll announce the winner!



Thats it! Share with your friends and as usual thank you for the support and love 💕


Be sure to subscribe 💕

The gift card will be digital or I can mail it 🌹

xo, Samantha



Giveaway Has Ended

52 Entries

Giveaway Entry

Giveaway Has Ended.

Thank you for all of the submissions!

This giveaway is in no way promoted, endorsed or administered by a third party. You are providing your information to Chasing Little Bears who is administering this giveaway. Please see our privacy policy for more information.


Lauren | May 26, 2020

Yes, and I would buy my kids adorable Cat and Jack summer clothes!

Sydney | May 23, 2020

I would put it towards a new pair of jeans since none of mine fit right since having the baby.

Tabatha | May 23, 2020

You bet I did! ❤️ I would buy myself a bunch of cute stuff from Bullseyes playground that I didn’t need! 😜

Brianna | May 13, 2020

I’d probably buy something for the kids, as always!

Kayeleigh | May 09, 2020

No, I would put this towards getting some bath bombs because that seems to be one things for me that I can do to relax while in quarantine. Thank you so much for doing this.

Samantha | admin | May 09, 2020

Good luck!

Joanna | May 08, 2020

YES! I have Graves' disease and lost a ton of weight so I'd put it towards some new jeans that actually fit!!

Samantha | admin | May 09, 2020

Nothing like some new jeans!

Stephanie | May 08, 2020

I would spend it on myself. Everything lately has been on the kids and hubby. But mama needs something too!

Samantha | admin | May 09, 2020

Good for you mama 💕

Sarra | May 08, 2020

Shared! I would maybe actually buy something for myself....I know as momma’s we sometimes feel guilty for doing so.

Samantha | admin | May 09, 2020

I always feel guilty spending on myself! You deserve it 🌹

Heather | May 08, 2020

Since we are in a pandemic - why not buy some more TP! Joking! Since I am organizing - probably something along those lines ;)

Samantha | admin | May 09, 2020

😂😂 awesome on organizing I need to get on board with that

Pamela | May 08, 2020

Sharing on FB! I’d buy a bra, I need a new one so bad!

Karen | May 08, 2020

Shared on Facebook! Would love to get a couple pretty things for our 1970’s master bedroom we’re finally redoing. ☺️

Karina | May 07, 2020

yes, probably ony boys of course lol❤️

Samantha | admin | May 09, 2020

Awe sweet 💕

Past Giveaways

Ended On February 10, 2020


Started On January 19, 2020 Ended On February 10, 2020




We will be doing a random drawing for a $25.00 AMAZON gift card! I absolutely love Amazon and wanted to purchase and gift one of you amazing readers or listeners a gift card so you can get something you want or need!




1. Fill out your contact information

2. Share on Facebook and then leave a comment when you enter letting me know what you would spend the gift card on.(You only need to share and comment if you’d like the extra entry)

Thank you for sharing!!!!


I will do a random drawing on FEBRUARY 10th and announce the winner in my monday morning podcast episode which will be posted to the website that day @ 3pm PACIFIC TIME! So be sure to check back to have a listen & you can check Spotify!


I will also announce the winner on our Facebook page and through email!

Follow us on Facebook to see daily updates you can also subscribe to the website to receive emails letting you know of any giveaways, podcast episodes and content!





91 People Entered


Deidra | February 09, 2020

I would spend this on me for my birthday!

Ashley | February 09, 2020

Essential oils, son's birthday

Bryna | February 06, 2020

Put it towards something for baby.

Renae | February 01, 2020

Yes. And I would put it towards a new led lamps for my fingernails 😁

Alyssa | February 01, 2020

I would order something special for my husband! He does so much for our family and its very difficult to surprise him sharing a bank account <3

Ashleigh | February 01, 2020

New bedding for my room

Tasha | February 01, 2020

I would put it toward my diaper order!!

Lara | February 01, 2020

Birthday gift for my daughters upcoming birthday!

Brytney | February 01, 2020

Yes, i would use it for a new travel bottle warmer or medical supplies for my daughter

Rachel | February 01, 2020

Yes! I would buy books!!

$20 Starbucks E-Gift Card [WINNER TRISHA M.]
Ended On January 13, 2020

$20 Starbucks E-Gift Card [WINNER TRISHA M.]

Started On December 28, 2019 Ended On January 13, 2020


We're feeling like a giveaway!


Enter to win a $20 Digital Starbucks gift card that you can use to stay warm during the chilly month of January! 


Entering is super simple and all of your information is protected!


Share on social media so your friends and family can get in on the fun!


This giveaway is open to anyone internationally as the gift card will be sent via e-giftcard!


Be sure to subscribe to the website so you can be informed of any upcoming giveaways, podcast episodes and new content!


I will do a random drawing and the winner will be announced in my monday morning podcast episode that will be posted Jan 13 2020 2 pm pacific time so be sure to listen in! I will also email the winner directly!


Good luck!


83 People Entered


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Ask & Answer Monday - Episode 21
June 23, 2020

In this episode, Samantha answers questions about how to have a fun summer while keeping routine, feeling overwhelmed with kids and having a grumpy attitude, feeling terrified to have first baby and how to handle kids fighting all day long.

Want to get something off your chest with a Confession?


In laws durning the holidays.. it’s not that I don’t care for them.. but I get extra anxiety being around them.. Please tell me I’m not the only one!

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I wish I wasn't hurt so easily. It's hard living life with your heart on your sleeve...

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Now that we really aren't allowed to hang out with people due to COVID It is clear who was a real friend and who wasn't. I hear from NOBODY and I am lonelier than ever.

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