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Get the support you need during your pregnancy and connect with others who may be experiencing things you are experiencing as well.

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latest thread Things NOT to say to a pregnant person

Birthing Options
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Young & Pregnant
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Pregnancy Complications
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First Pregnancy
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Pregnant with multiples
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LGBTQ+ and Pregnancy
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Prenatal Depression
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Gestational Diabetes
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Adoption Support Group
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Abortion Support Group
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Baby Names
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Pregnancy After Loss
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Stillbirth Support Group
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High Risk Pregnancy
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Morning Sickness Help
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social media is so harmful. i'm so tired of seeing people be so fake and compete for attention. it sad how people live their lives around what they can post.

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life can feel so lonely sometimes...

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I suck at being a mom sometimes. I feel like I push them away and tell them to go away when I really just want a minute alone. Then I feel bad about it later.

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