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This is not a place to give medical advice. If you feel that your child needs medical advice or help please take them to their doctor or call 911. This is a space to talk about allergies, general questions and concerns as well as general health issues and virus's that go around.

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Less sparkly too lmao😅
Samantha | 7 days ago
Oh absolutely. Would be nice t
TaylorC1992 | 7 days ago
Same here! I would like some m
Samantha | 7 days ago
lmao right I REALLY want to li
Samantha | 7 days ago
I’m not sure yet. Think
TaylorC1992 | 7 days ago
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i feel like i've lost my best friend and that breaks my heart.

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I feel like I can’t make a mistake as a mom without feeling guilty

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i can't stop crying. i try so hard but am reminded over and over that i'm not enough and never will be.

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