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Depression & Anxiety Disorder

You should never feel ashamed to have depression or anxiety! But also understand talking is very healthy and can possibly help you cope and manage. Open up to others and share experiences and coping tools and ways you are able to manage your mental health issues. If you feel that you are depressed you should talk to your doctor or someone you trust so you can get the help that you need. If you feel scared or suicidal please call 911 and seek help, there is help out there for you.

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i'm so tired of friendships that feel like a game. if you are my friend, be consistent.

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motherhood is anything but glamorous. it's 9:30pm. my four and two year old are still up waiting for dinner watching avatar with daddy who's currently fairly bedridden. my ten month old is screaming for mommy. mommy now gets to nurse while going potty for second time today. yay.

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life has been really hard lately.

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