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We care a lot about your mental and emotional health! So we created a space full of small spaces for you to feel safe and comfortable during whatever health journey you are currently experiencing.

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OK I FELT THE SAME. Like he se
Samantha | 1 day ago
1.) I’m actually startin
TaylorC1992 | 1 day ago
Samantha | 3 days ago
Less sparkly too lmao😅
Samantha | 10 days ago
Oh absolutely. Would be nice t
TaylorC1992 | 10 days ago
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I wish I wasn't hurt so easily. It's hard living life with your heart on your sleeve...

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my heart hurts. i'm not sure how much more i can take.

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Sometimes it feels like I am drowning in housework, I wish I had more than two arms then maybe I could finally catch up.

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