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There's a calendar for that

2 posts last post by Samantha 7 months ago

Joined: February 27, 2020
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7 months ago

Ladies. All three of my babies are July babies! Who else feels me?! There's a calendar for that! We did NOT plan that! But I couldn't be more thrilled! At least they get a week between them all! Indepence day til August first seems like one giant party!


šŸ˜ƒ Happy
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7 months ago

One big BABY PARTY! Love your babies! They will grow up so close and happy!

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I wish the holidays could be more about spending time with the people we love than feeling like we have to put on a show. There's always so much pressure.

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Social distancing is making me realize even more how I have no friends. I hear from people only when they need me or need something from me. It's a good time to focus on family.

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Iā€™m tired of being everything for everyone else. Sometimes I just want the time to breath and remember who I am.

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