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Code of Conduct & Forum Rules


Please read before posting


Welcome to the Chasing little bears parenting forum. This forum is here for anyone who is hoping to start a family or already has one. While there are no strict limits on what may be discussed we try to keep everyone feeling respected and comfortable. 


1. That being said STAY in your lane. You will find discussions you may not agree with or you may have the urge to dive into something that you do not understand or respect. Don’t. It is really easy. Resist the urge. We all live different lifestyles and we all parent differently. We all have our own things going on that being said please just keep to yourself and join conversations in a respectful way. Do not go poking around in topics or conversations just to prove a point or try to come off as better than the other person because you think you know all. Again. Just be cool. Everyone is welcome and there is a place for everyone so if you don’t agree don’t comment. 

Ya dig?  Cool. Moving forward.


2. We are here to love, help, encourage and support each other. We are not here to point fingers and make someone you don’t know feel uncomfortable or bad about their question or response. We do have a filter on the page. Sorry no swearing. You can try it will just star you out. If that is what you are hoping to do there are other outlets for you but this isn’t the place for that.


3. Healthy & lively conversations are encouraged BUT if you feel that someone is going out of their way to attack or is posting inappropriate things contact the admin directly OR there is a flag on every single post that you can click and let us know what’s going on.


4. No advertising, sorry. I totally respect your dreams and goals but this isn’t the place for outside links or spam. Please don't spam (try to sell/promote goods and services for free). Please do not pretend to be an admin of this page, Facebook or on Instagram.. Please also don't recruit to other websites or surveys or online groups, or post casting callouts, competition vote requests, requests for money or media requests. Please do NOT infringe copyright by using other people’s text and images without permission as well as anything you may see here on the website and forum.

5. If your topic may come off as “Too much information” Just add TMI to the title. We have a list of forum abbreviations stickied to the forum top if you need a refresher. 


6. No spamming. If you see spam, flag it so an admin can remove it.


7. PROTECT WHO YOU ARE. DO NOT give out personal information to anyone who asks for it. Your email information is protected but what you share on the internet is not. Remember every image you post is on the internet so be aware of that. All of your posted content in the forum is public so keep that in mind before you post. Do not ask another member for information and do not give any out unless you know them personally. 


8. If you see abuse or if someone is posting concerning topics/comments please let us know so we can try to reach out to them. You can also link them to our helpful resources page which is stickied to the top of the forum as well. If you are in danger or think you might be in danger please call 911 and never rely on the people of the forum to help you directly.


9. DO NOT seek medical advice or give medical advice! Do not post pictures asking for advice or post symptoms hoping to gain advice. Please seek help from a provider. 


10. We don't want to deactivate accounts but we will. We will comment on flagged posts, contact you directly then just remove your account. So be cool k.



Most importantly, have fun on the forum!




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