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Step Parenting

Being a step parent can be very difficult and sometimes it can impact your relationship head on. If you are the step parent or the biological parent it can be hard communicating and setting boundaries and even understanding boundaries. Here is a space to talk and share stories and get opinions from others.

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Yes! it is SO healthy to set time
Samantha | 3 days ago
I made mine! We did the pouches a
Samantha | 3 days ago
I actually haven't! But I want to
Samantha | 3 days ago
Do you read books about time mana
Amber | 4 days ago
I am sending the hubby out to get
Krysta | 6 days ago
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Baby food
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You Go Glenn Coco!


my four year old told me to go to another house and be someone else’s mommy. i grabbed the keys and said okay. she kinda freaked... i felt vindicated.

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when will life get better! i swear it is the same shit every single day i need a break!

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I feel like I can’t make a mistake as a mom without feeling guilty

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