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There are so many different types of relationships! We hope you find a space for your relationship here in this group - if not please let us know so we can create that space for you.

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LGBTQ+ Relationships
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Sounds fun! I need to get a ginge
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Those weekend we are going to dec
Cora | 5 mo ago
Did you ever end up finishing the
Samantha | 5 mo ago
I really like it, even though I u
Amber | 1 year ago
YAY what do you think so far!? I
Samantha | 1 year ago
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things might be looking up and it’s exciting!!!!

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i'm so tired of friendships that feel like a game. if you are my friend, be consistent.

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i need help! i cannot do it all on my own and still be pleasant and bubbly.

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