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Welcome to Your Parenting and Support Community


There are so many different types of relationships! We hope you find a space for your relationship here in this group - if not please let us know so we can create that space for you.

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OK I FELT THE SAME. Like he se
Samantha | 1 day ago
1.) I’m actually startin
TaylorC1992 | 1 day ago
Samantha | 3 days ago
Less sparkly too lmao😅
Samantha | 10 days ago
Oh absolutely. Would be nice t
TaylorC1992 | 10 days ago
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i’m ready for this rona crap to be done with. let’s wrap this shit up!!!

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i feel like i've lost my best friend and that breaks my heart.

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It sucks being a single parent of child with a disorder, specifically for me, ODD. I am regretting being a parent. And that is a sucky feeling.

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