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baby books

2 posts last post by Samantha 5 months ago

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5 months ago

How do you choose books for your children? I usually order these in bulk, because they are bright and cute and the kids like them https://www.top-mom.com/best-books-for-babies/. I'm thinking of trying musical books next time, the first time my youngest was very scared of them, but he likes books about sharks. The problem with our books is that he tries to chew all of them. 


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5 months ago

I usually look for recommended books on amazon! They have SO many great books on there. Sometimes I just stumble across something that looks good for my kiddo or if we are at a certain stage in age I look for books recommended for that age. My youngest LOVED chewing on books so that was hard because i didn't want her to ruin them but they have super cute SOFT padded books too!

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