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This area is where you can come and create threads and chat about things that may or may not be parent related! Have fun and invite/share with friends and make new ones too!

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Sounds fun! I need to get a ginge
Samantha | 9 mo ago
Those weekend we are going to dec
Cora | 9 mo ago
Did you ever end up finishing the
Samantha | 9 mo ago
I really like it, even though I u
Amber | over 1 year ago
YAY what do you think so far!? I
Samantha | over 1 year ago
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baby books
Amber | over 1 year ago
Baby food
Luca | over 1 year ago
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things might be looking up and it’s exciting!!!!

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it's heartbreaking when you can feel yourself getting pushed out of someone's life.

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social media is so harmful. i'm so tired of seeing people be so fake and compete for attention. it sad how people live their lives around what they can post.

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