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Birth workers unite! Remember only comment out of opinion and never give medical advice. Even if you are licensed or certified this is a place to connect and share tips and tricks with one another not to tell anyone what they should and shouldn't do medically.

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I just finished the "From Blood a
BrittanyC | 2 hours ago
oh! That sounds good I just looke
Samantha | 2 days ago
Greenleaf 👌 so dramatic 😆
Jessica-2f2 | 2 days ago
I am starting this tonight! It lo
Samantha | 5 days ago
Keep me posted on how this is!!!
Samantha | 5 days ago
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Any breastfeeding weaning tips?
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What is everyone watching on Netf
Samantha | 4 days ago
What are everyone's thoughts on g
Samantha | 5 days ago
Book recommendations!
Samantha | 5 days ago
Having a fertility issue
Riham | 25 days ago
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I wish I didn't always feel like I have to "earn" people's love. I wish just being myself was enough.

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i am nervous to tell my family about my pregnancy. they don't like my husband, and we have already miscarried once. i just wish someone would be happy for me.

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my mother-in-law drives my absolutely crazy!

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