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These confessions are from anyone and everyone. Every confession is completely anonymous. Don't hold back. Rules

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These confessions are from anyone and everyone. Every confession is completely anonymous. Don't hold back. Rules


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When I start to think about Christmas my anxiety starts sparking! Why do we have to spend so much money why can’t our loved ones just settle for a card?!

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I call my children assholes behind their back and it feels so good. I never say it to their face but sometimes I think about it. Bad mom? probably.

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Sometimes I wish I could have enjoyed myself before marriage. I love my partner but is it wrong that I feel like I missed out?

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The Feels

Without my children I honestly don't know where I would be. I am very thankful for them they give me the strength every day to keep pushing to be my very best.

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The Feels

My postpartum depression is getting the best of me. I swear no matter how hard I try to do everything right I keep falling further and further behind. When will it stop.

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Sometimes it feels like I am drowning in housework, I wish I had more than two arms then maybe I could finally catch up.

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I wish I had more supportive people in my life.

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I don't love my job but it allows me to spend the majority of my time with my kids, which means the world to me.

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I wish the holidays could be more about spending time with the people we love than feeling like we have to put on a show. There's always so much pressure.

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Today I took the kids to the park, wrote birthday invitations, washed their bedding, cleaned their closet, we did a craft and read books together. It was more than I usually get done in a day and I felt like a "good mom" but what makes us "good moms"? Some days feel more successful than others.

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The only thing that gets me through thanksgiving is knowing there will be a shit ton of alcohol.

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I hate that I have to FAKE being happy around certain family members. I wish we could pick and choose who came to Thanksgiving dinner!

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I wish I could tell everyone at work including my boss to piss off but I can't. Sure would be nice though!

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I would really like to get married someday but I don't know if he will ever really "Grow up" enough for me to make that commitment.

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Sometimes when I take a shower I cry because I feel so overwhelmed throughout the day that I NEED to feel better and release some tears!

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It sucks when those who are "Supposed to be your family" are the ones who take advantage of you the most..

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Does anyone know what a vacuum is?

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Is it bad that sometimes I’m jealous of my friends that don’t have children?

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Maintaining friendships feels like a full time job lately. Sometimes I question if having friends is worth it sometimes.

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I wish my children cared more about doing their chores and helping around the house as much as they do video games!

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