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These confessions are from anyone and everyone. Every confession is completely anonymous. Don't hold back. Rules



These confessions are from anyone and everyone. Every confession is completely anonymous. Don't hold back. Rules

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i couldn't handle my son's attitude this morning. i'm currently locked in my room, pretending to be asleep while he's doing online school 😒

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I wish I could tell everyone at work including my boss to piss off but I can't. Sure would be nice though!

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it's heartbreaking when you can feel yourself getting pushed out of someone's life.

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I am an asshole and snap at my partner often and I try to apologize as often as I can for being such a hot mess I hope they don't start to view me differently. I do my best! Anxiety is a bitch but I am a work in progress.

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i need help! i cannot do it all on my own and still be pleasant and bubbly.

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It sucks being a single parent of child with a disorder, specifically for me, ODD. I am regretting being a parent. And that is a sucky feeling.

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To be honest, I'm going crazy being stuck inside this house with 3-4 children at a time... can't wait to say goodbye to COVID-19 outbreak!

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the more i learn to love myself the easier it is to see the people who bring joy to my life and the people who just take from me.

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Today I took the kids to the park, wrote birthday invitations, washed their bedding, cleaned their closet, we did a craft and read books together. It was more than I usually get done in a day and I felt like a "good mom" but what makes us "good moms"? Some days feel more successful than others.

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i had an appointment with my daughter and a doctor to discuss her anger issues. she said she wanted help with her anger and for her and i to be friends again. this last year has really torn us apart and it's heartbreaking.

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i really want to go out and do something...but my children always seem to be ungrateful and not make it worth going and trying to have fun 😫

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I’m jealous that my husband gets to travel for days at a time and can get away from the kids and home.

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Sometimes I wish he would just leave... it would make everything so much easier.

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i can't stand when people give me the cold shoulder for no apparent reason.

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I wish I didn't always feel like I have to "earn" people's love. I wish just being myself was enough.

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The Feels

the only thing that keeps me going some days, is how awful it would be for my partner to tell my child they’ll never see their mom again. it tears me apart and it keeps me here.

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i'm not going to fight to keep people in my life who obviously don't want to be.

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i wish i could see value in myself.

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I don't think I'll ever been comfortable with my self image. No matter what I do, it's never enough and I feel like I'll never be happy with the way I look.

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i wish i could get a hotel room to myself for the night just to be alone.

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