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These confessions are from anyone and everyone. Every confession is completely anonymous. Don't hold back. Rules



These confessions are from anyone and everyone. Every confession is completely anonymous. Don't hold back. Rules

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It sucks being a single parent of child with a disorder, specifically for me, ODD. I am regretting being a parent. And that is a sucky feeling.

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i need help! i cannot do it all on my own and still be pleasant and bubbly.

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I feel alone. I feel trapped. I hate looking in the mirror.. I'm afraid to even post this it's been trapped inside my head..

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The Feels

How come nobody ever tells you that you're in the good times? It's only when you come out of the good times that you realize those were the good times.

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i don't think i'm cut out for this world. everything hurts my heart too much.

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sometimes i dream of divorce just to have alone time.

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some days i wish that i could just take a day from parenting and that nobody needed anything from me. just one day.

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I’m jealous that my husband gets to travel for days at a time and can get away from the kids and home.

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it's hard to trust people who flake constantly.

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Today I took the kids to the park, wrote birthday invitations, washed their bedding, cleaned their closet, we did a craft and read books together. It was more than I usually get done in a day and I felt like a "good mom" but what makes us "good moms"? Some days feel more successful than others.

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when friendships end and it's not your choice. it hurts like hell.

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I don't think I'll ever been comfortable with my self image. No matter what I do, it's never enough and I feel like I'll never be happy with the way I look.

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Sometimes I wish I could have enjoyed myself before marriage. I love my partner but is it wrong that I feel like I missed out?

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The Feels

I still look back at when I was younger and think, what would happen if I was a part of the cool crowd? Would I have more/better friends?

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I hate playing with my kid. I love spending time with her, but I struggle so hard when its time to play pretend, or chase her around the playground. I can't find my inner child.

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things might be looking up and it’s exciting!!!!

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Not being able to conceive a baby is ruining my marriage

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covid is ruining my marriage.

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i couldn't handle my son's attitude this morning. i'm currently locked in my room, pretending to be asleep while he's doing online school 😒

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I love my kids more than life. But some days... Some days I don't like them. AT. ALL. In fact, I would rather pluck every hair out of my body one at a time than have to guess what Guardians of the Galaxy character my 5-year-old is thinking of. #sendwine #quarantinesucks

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