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These confessions are from anyone and everyone. Every confession is completely anonymous. Don't hold back. Rules

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These confessions are from anyone and everyone. Every confession is completely anonymous. Don't hold back. Rules

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when you think a friendship means something but you realize it's been one sided all along.

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feeling defeated today 😕 hate these weird funks... i need friends who are there for me like i am for them.. guess it's just me and my husband till the end. ugggghhh why humans!?!

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god my husbands annoying

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my mother-in-law drives my absolutely crazy!

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when friendships end and it's not your choice. it hurts like hell.

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i hate having to apologize for not wanting to talk to anyone! sometimes i just don't want to talk it isn't personal.

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sometimes i dream of divorce just to have alone time.

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when you work so hard at being a good friend and feel like in return they could care less about you.

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I wish I wasn't hurt so easily. It's hard living life with your heart on your sleeve...

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Not being able to conceive a baby is ruining my marriage

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I feel so trapped in my marriage. We have been together since high school and I just feel like he will never grow up. I'm mentally exhausted. But terrified to end my marriage because I have been a stay at home mom for 10 years and have no idea how I would support us.

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I wish I didn't always feel like I have to "earn" people's love. I wish just being myself was enough.

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I am a giver but rarely get treated like I give

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I don't support the idea that each others phones are off limits

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I am an asshole and snap at my partner often and I try to apologize as often as I can for being such a hot mess I hope they don't start to view me differently. I do my best! Anxiety is a bitch but I am a work in progress.

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Sometimes I wish he would just leave... it would make everything so much easier.

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Sometimes I wish I could have enjoyed myself before marriage. I love my partner but is it wrong that I feel like I missed out?

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I wish I had more supportive people in my life.

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I would really like to get married someday but I don't know if he will ever really "Grow up" enough for me to make that commitment.

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It sucks when those who are "Supposed to be your family" are the ones who take advantage of you the most..

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