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These confessions are from anyone and everyone. Every confession is completely anonymous. Don't hold back. Rules

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These confessions are from anyone and everyone. Every confession is completely anonymous. Don't hold back. Rules


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i feel so alone.

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my husband has a stick up his ass today

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i'm so tired of friendships that feel like a game. if you are my friend, be consistent.

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motherhood is anything but glamorous. it's 9:30pm. my four and two year old are still up waiting for dinner watching avatar with daddy who's currently fairly bedridden. my ten month old is screaming for mommy. mommy now gets to nurse while going potty for second time today. yay.

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i’m over quarantine i’m losing my damn mind!

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I wish I wasn't hurt so easily. It's hard living life with your heart on your sleeve...

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I love my kids more than life. But some days... Some days I don't like them. AT. ALL. In fact, I would rather pluck every hair out of my body one at a time than have to guess what Guardians of the Galaxy character my 5-year-old is thinking of. #sendwine #quarantinesucks

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I feel like I can’t make a mistake as a mom without feeling guilty

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Now that we really aren't allowed to hang out with people due to COVID It is clear who was a real friend and who wasn't. I hear from NOBODY and I am lonelier than ever.

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This quarantine SUCKS

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To be honest, I'm going crazy being stuck inside this house with 3-4 children at a time... can't wait to say goodbye to COVID-19 outbreak!

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Social distancing is making me realize even more how I have no friends. I hear from people only when they need me or need something from me. It's a good time to focus on family.

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I use the shower as a place to cry and let it all out.

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I’m tired of not having very many friends. I need socialization. Im tired of putting in the effort and getting nothing in return. Do people even know how to ‘friend’ any more? I know life is busy, but damn this is lonely.

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I feel like I suck as a parent. I do EVERYTHING i can for them 24/7 but always feel like I am messing up

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My 2yo son drank benedryl from the bottle. He popped the top off with his teeth. Spent the day in the hospital. My heart almost stopped that day. I'm so grateful he is okay and have the support I do so I can process this mom guilt. Things happen. God is looking out for my son.

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I wish I would have followed my dreams.

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I never get a break because of no one wanting to watch my special needs daughter (they will watch my other two but nobody will take her) and I feel like I am nearing my breaking point. I just want an hour with my husband without the spawns but I feel like that will never happen so I cry a lot

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I'm honestly broke ash, I'm juggling track and work and I can't decide which I like more🤷🏾‍♀️.

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My family gets dirty looks and sometimes nasty comments when using things that are for disabled children or people. Just because she isn't in a wheelchair. Not all disabilities are physical!

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