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April 19, 2020
9 Ways to be the BEST birth partner
April 17, 2020
Stop comparing yourself to other parents, you are more than enough.
April 08, 2020
April Sips by Tea Subscription - Review
April 01, 2020
When you want to get pregnant so bad...it starts to control your life.


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my husband is grumpy so much of the time. trying to not let it get me down.

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as far as vaccines are considered, they scare the shit out of me

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it sucks feeling used. make time for people...not just when you need something from them.

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In this episode Samantha discusses taking time for herself the past few months to really take charge of her mental and physical health. Ways you can focus on you and how finding a balance between putting in 150% into her kids and home and herself has been a REALLY hard change but great for everyone. She also mentions a really awkward rollerblading moment that was not relevant to anything discussed.
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