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November 05, 2019

pop off the grid and remember that you don't owe anyone anything

I have always felt that I had to constantly explain myself to everyone no matter what and let me tell you it gets exhausting. Sometimes when I am feeling down I just want to feel down on my own, ignore the world and handle my business. But sometimes others will reach out and it feels like you have to apologize for being absent and explain your reasonings on why you needed some time to yourself.


I honestly feel like by constantly apologizing and explaining myself it actually AIDS to my anxiety...what I just spent time away from everyone trying to manage.


I think it is pretty common for most to worry more about upsetting someone else vs taking care of ourselves. We worry we might offend someone or make the other person feel at fault for our absence when in all reality we just want time alone, to work on ourselves and what is going on with us mentally. But still even though it has nothing to do with anyone we still feel guilty and apologize until the cows come home. So after spending days away dealing with whatever we are dealing with in our own way we still justify ourselves to everyone JUST IN CASE we upset someone.



If someone wants to take it personally, that is their deal.




That has to stop. It is called self care. We should be able to pop off the grid and not talk to anyone for a few days if we ABSOLUTELY need to. I do it often and it might be a bad habit but with my anxiety and postpartum depression sometimes life gets to be too much and I need to check out for a few days. I am not trying to hurt anyone or upset anyone I just want to be left alone. And by being alone I am focusing on myself and taking care of myself mentally. 



The internet gets to be A LOT. People get to be A LOT and it is healthy, in my opinion to remove yourself from the internet every once in a while and focus on yourself and your home and family. You shouldn't have to say "HEY EVERYONE..I DON'T WANT TO UPSET ANYONE BUT I NEED SOME TIME AWAY AND TO FOCUS ON MYSELF FOR A FEW DAYS WITHOUT EVERYONE TAKING IT PERSONALLY AND BEING OFFENDED BY MY PERSONAL CHOICES".....



We need to just check out and when we are ready to check back in pop back in without having to explain ourselves.



You don't owe anyone anything. So if you need some healthy time alone and away to check out from the internet and your friends do it, you don't have to explain yourself to ANYONE and if someone wants to make you feel like crap for not apologizing to them for checking out. You need to find new supportive people to have in your life.


Self care is important and when you need it, take that time and remember that you don't owe anyone ANYTHING.







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i am nervous to tell my family about my pregnancy. they don't like my husband, and we have already miscarried once. i just wish someone would be happy for me.

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