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October 18, 2019

Working parents need to be recognized too

I have been a stay at home mom for almost 11 years with side jobs and part time jobs in the mix and yeah it is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had. However, just because we are at home with the kids and tending to the home and everything else doesn’t mean that our partners aren’t doing their part either. Now I couldn’t imagine having both of us working full time that sounds super overwhelming, but there are so many families where they both work full time too, you are getting it done and that is amazing.


Going to work full time can be extremely stressful especially since you have the weight of the family income on your shoulders.


You try to slap on a happy face and go to work and pretend that you aren’t stressed but in the back of your mind you are thinking about everything that you could lose if you didn’t work so hard. All parents should be given recognition on how good of a job they are doing but let’s not think that because parents are working full time and away from the home that they are any less important.



I was talking with my husband and he said one of the biggest stressors in his life was failing at work because if he doesn’t succeed he could lose it all at home. We rely on him so much and we don’t tell him enough how thankful we are for him and how hard he works. We need to be better at that. Even if you and your partner are both working full time tell each other how grateful you are for each other because it is a team either way. Not only that but if you are both working you both come home one does dinner, one cleans the house and entertains the child or children. Then you sit down completely exhausted and do it again the next day. Make sure you are taking care of yourselves, spend time together, show that appreciation because if you don’t life will start to feel like ground hogs day. THE SAME OL SAME OL EVERY SINGLE DAY.



I like to have my home clean and everything as together as I possibly can with having now three children so when my husband gets off work there isn’t much left for him to stress about. Sure just because he is working all day doesn’t mean he can’t help around the house but it is all about teamwork. It doesn’t matter who is home with the kids, who works full time it is about making it a team effort. Appreciate each other and remember if you both work full time tell each other how much you appreciate them and if you stay home and your partner works do the same and encourage them to do the same to you. No parent is better than the other. We all just have different stresses and just because we hide it when we get home from work doesn’t mean they aren’t there.


Not only that there are SO many single parents out there doing the best that they can and they have to leave their children to go work full time because again they have those stresses and fears too. We don't want to be away from our families but sometimes we do what we have to do and remember to tell your friends and family members who are working as hard as they can for their families how proud you are of them.



Recognize each other no matter the role but remember just because a parent is gone all day, don't assume they don't care.






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