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October 18, 2020

What to expect during your postpartum checkup

Becoming a parent comes with all sorts of ups and downs and one thing we tend to forget during the postpartum period is how to truly take care of ourselves, especially during the first 6 weeks. Once we remember to take care of ourselves and our emotional/mental/physical needs we can then be our best selves for our families.



Around 6 weeks postpartum you will go see your midwife/ob/provider for a wellness check and during that check there are quite a few things that you will go over. If you do not feel comfortable getting an exam, SAY so.



1. You will get a pap/general well woman exam which will be a great way to make sure things are healing nicely down there especially since sometimes childbirth can be a lot on the female anatomy. During this check up your provider will check for lumps and bumps in your breasts it is important to know the difference between lumps in your breasts especially if you are breastfeeding as sometimes breasts can be caused by clogged ducts. THAT BEING SAID. Check those boobies, often and pay attention. Your provider will also do this if you feel comfortable. Remember before you have a pap or breast exam you need to make sure you feel comfortable having it done. Consent is SUPER important and I will say it a thousand times, I do not care if it is annoying...make sure YOU are comfortable and you can always say no. Not that there is anything wrong with getting these things done, they are there to help you. But talk about your feels on the subject.




2. You and your provider will discuss your mental health. You need to remember that being honest is SO important and there will be zero judgement on how you are feeling so please say whatever is on your mind. We tend to brush off things we are feeling and make excuses but we need to be honest when it comes to our mental well being, let your provider help you. 




3. You will talk birth control. Ah yes. Prevention. This is great because there are so many options when it comes to pregnancy prevention my advice is to study up and do some research before hand that way you have a better understanding of what you are wanting to try when your appointment comes. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GET ON BIRTH CONTROL. Only get on it if you are wanting that, if you want more babies..then have them. Do what is best for you and your family.




4. Talk it out.  I remember when I had my six week postpartum check up I wanted someone to talk to. My midwife was amazing and I felt super comfortable with her every time I had a pregnancy check up so when I went in for my postpartum exam I really felt safe talking with her about things that were on my mind. You can talk about breastfeeding, sex, postpartum feelings, the weather. Whatever you want. Take the time to talk about what is going on. Can't poop? normal. talk about that. Want to talk about nursing or not wanting to anymore? cool see what she can do to help.




Get those things off of your chest, it is also important to confide in people you trust when it comes to how you are feeling. So if you don't feel comfortable discussing things with your provider at your exam confide in family, friends, your partner.



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10/20/20 at 09:15AM PST

All of this!! Because of COVID, my 6 week checkup was over the phone. That made me really sad because I love my OB, and with this being my last kiddo I didn't know if I would see her again. I was looking forward to one last visit with her!

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