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October 23, 2019

ways you can prep yourself for a smoother delivery

There is always one important thing to remember when it comes to labor and childbirth, it will be different for EVERYONE. That is what is hard about explaining what childbirth is like to every person that I meet because there are so many different factors that come into play when in labor. Everyone experiences pain differently and everyone has a different type of support system [which plays a huge part in how your labor and delivery will go].



It is hard when someone will say "oh well my grandma said this or my friends labor went this way" yes just because so and so had the easiest labor ever doesn't mean that is how it will be for you, or it may go that way you just don't know.


Every birth will always be different but there are a few things that you can remember before you give birth that may just help it go a tad smoother. 




Yes it is so hard staying active especially when you feel heavy and not in the mood to do more walking then absolutely necessary but when the time comes to push, you will have a super strong lower body! Which will help during recovery too as your body was worked out throughout pregnancy. When you are in labor you will be relying on your lower body a lot when it comes to pushing so all of that walking and squatting during pregnancy can really pay off.





Do things that make you happy and that help you feel more relaxed. Being stressed out won't get you anywhere or benefit you at all. CHILL OUT. Remember you are one person, growing a person. You can only do so much. So sit down chill out and take care of yourself mentally, stop stressing out over everything especially things you cannot simply control.





Doula's are amazing especially when it comes to support for you and your partner. A  lot of people assume that doula's take over the role of the partner [if available] and that is absolutely not true. We are support people there to help and guide you throughout your journey we are not there to replace anyone. 





If you have an open mind when it comes to change you won't be alarmed when and if things don't go as you had hoped. Sometimes we just want things to go our way so when things start changing we don't like it and it scares us. So if you are aware of all of your choices and options way ahead of time your labor will go smoother because you are already prepared when and if the time comes.





It is hard to labor in the same spot so I like to keep people moving so it helps distract them from the pain and discomfort. There are so many awesome helpful positions that help smooth labor along and I also suggest laboring in the water as the water can help relieve body pain and aches.





You need to believe in yourself and know how strong you are when it comes to your body and your bodies abilities to birth. If you feel confident in yourself and you are surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people then your labor will go smoother



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