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October 22, 2019

they are just kids and we need to remember that

I think we have these high expectations on how our kids should act at ALL times. They act out and we get stressed and start panicking because what if someone judges us because our child is screaming in the middle of Target. We think "Oh no someone might see and hear and automatically assume that I am a crap mom" it happens A LOT to ALL of us. We try to keep it together even though deep down we are losing our minds and we are freaking out because we work so hard with them at home so when we DO go out into the real world they are well behaved. But one thing we forget is, they are just kids. Toddlers are hard because hey are CONSTANTLY learning and testing and watching.


They are just little kids who are still testing us and seeing how far they can push us. They are discovering the world and not quite understanding that sometimes we have to act a certain way. But in our eyes they should ALWAYS be acting one way, our way.


I am so guilty of this. Telling my kids how to act at all times. Yes manners are very important and teaching our children respect is also very important but when they are little and haven't even reached school age yet we need to remember that they can only remember so much. They know how to say please and thank you. They know they need to "be good" but sometimes they get pushed too far or they get told no and do not know how to handle their emotions and then INSTANTLY they are on the floor screaming in the middle of the store. They aren't being naughty they are figuring out their emotions. We AS ADULTS are still figuring out our emotions so imagine how our little's feel when they don't know how to react so the first thing they do is scream and cry. I sure do know sometimes my first reaction to A LOT of things is you guessed it - SCREAM AND CRY.


Talk with them ask them what they are feeling when they instantly start panicking and throwing a fit. Tell them hey it is OKAY to have feelings but maybe let's try to portray them in a calmer manner. If you are out in public and they are being respectful but also a tad rowdy, remember they are still so young and they have all of this energy they don't quite understand how to control it yet.


Most importantly just hug them because they are only so little for such a short amount of time, lower the expectations and soak up who they are right now because they are still learning.


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