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March 15, 2021

The Physics of Hip Hop Diaper bag - Product Review

I love reviewing and sharing awesome brands and products with my fellow parents and expecting parents! I was overjoyed when The physics of hip hop diaper bag reached out to have me check out their awesome product and write an honest review for my readers! I LOVE bags. I have three kids ranging from 1 to 12 so I am ALWAYS packing something for them! I am ALWAYS BUSY and ready to go do SOMETHING so bags are important to me!


Right off the bat the bag is REALLY cool. It has a graffiti print which is nothing like I have seen for a diaper bag. The neat thing about the bag is it DOESN'T look like a typical bag which makes it wonderful for universal use! You can use it, your partner can use it, your kids can even use it for school! It makes packing around diapers and wipes a lot more fashionable! Great for anyone who wants to carry it!


We loaded our bag up and headed out on an adventure to the park and put the bag to the mom test! I PACK EVERYTHING so I loved that there was a TON of room. SO MANY pockets and so much more!

I really like the logo and the leather details on the handles and parts of the bag! Makes everything go together nicely!


The print is just super appealing and I love that it came with a insulated bag to go inside. I was able to pack diaper cream and some lotion in that and it matched nicely with the bag!


I was able to pack diapers, wipes, clothes, books, SNACKS and there was still a lot of room. One thing I have noticed with other types of bags is there is just NEVER any pockets or zipper areas inside the bag and this bag has SO many spots to put things. 13 pockets!

My kids just got in there and they were able to find their snacks and items easily which was really nice because organization is key with kiddos!


Even though it is really cool looking it did NOT disappoint in the classic diaper bag areas INCLUDING the wipe slot on the side. WIPES are used ALL the time and it is really nice to be able to just grab and go and sometimes I will take the wipes out and lose the pack but I love that this bag has a spot on the side ready for the wipes!


Another detail I REALLY liked was the changing pad that came with it! My daughter decided to use it for her snack pad which was just fine because it works however you need it! The fabric of the pad is traditional so you can just wipe it down super easy to clean. We were also able to pack a bottle, a sippy cup and my daughters water bottle! I was able to put my wallet, phone and a few of my goodies in it as well!


LOOK at the bag just sitting there, doesn't even need attention and I am all about it!


The back padding is really comfortable. We went to the park, WALKED forever and the bag was comfortable along the way and I got plenty of compliments on it as well!


If you were wondering what the adapter on the side is it is a USB extension port BUILT into the bag which is REALLY NEAT. SO basically if you have a portable battery bank you can plug it inside the bag pop it into a slot and then charge what you need to charge by just plugging the USB cable into the outer port! Charger is NOT included this is basically a hub which is really cool because YOU KNOW someone always needs to charge something. Love this feature. 



Both of my girls were all about it, my middle child even insisted on using it and she loved it as well!



Wonderful bag thank you SO much for reaching out and giving us the opportunity to test out your wonderful product! I will definitely recommend to all of my parent friends and clients as well as for their kids because it is SUPER universal, really stylish and very affordable! Kid approved, mom approved and dad approved! Go snag one!


HERE is the link to AMAZON if you would like to buy it there: GRAFFITI HIP HOP DIAPER BAG


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