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September 21, 2019

Teaching your kiddos about summer safety

Ah yes. Summer. It is fun and loud and hot...and sticky..and full of bugs. But fun. I don’t really do heat but my children absolutely love being outside soaking up the sun and water and the overall experience of not being in school and doing whatever they want. But sometimes I cannot be there to watch them all day every day as they are outside playing and having a good time. We want to be there to enjoy every moment with our kids during their summer break however, life is well...life and we just have other things we need to do as well.


It is important that we talk with our kids about safety and what to do in certain situations if they were to arise. Now when I was a kid nobody talked to me about anything we were just out of the door by sunrise and back when we could hear the crickets and the porch light came on. But we are provided with all of these tips and resources we really need to share information with our kids even if we had no idea when we were young. 


Talk about drowning. I know this is a super tough subject because nobody wants to talk about it and accept that it actually happens. And it happens quick and we need to understand that all it takes is one slip, one fall, one accident to fall under water. It doesn’t matter if it is a small baby pool in the back yard or if they are playing at the river, water is water and it can be very dangerous. Making sure there is an adult with the child or children should be key at all times. We had our children take swim lessons as well just because if there is an accident there is a chance that they can help themselves or someone else. If they are in large bodies of water make sure they are wearing a life vest. I suggest getting kiddos into a swim class even just a few times if it is all you can do, it may save a life one day. 


Car safety. It gets hot in cars. I mean VERY VERY HOT. If it is too hot out and you must take a kiddo with you make sure you have plenty of water, air flow and if you must go inside never leave your kiddo waiting in the car no matter the age. Not only that make sure they know how important it is to buckle up every time they ride with a friend.


Hydration. This is a big one because I know that I have been guilty time and time again about forgetting to pack a water bottle. I would take the kids to the park and of course I would go to look for water and would forget to pack it. It is easy to forget these things but unfortunately heat exhaustion is for real and we have to remember these things. Now when my children leave, even when it isn’t hot out I make sure they have fresh water and drink it often. 


Wheel safety. My children get so frustrated and mad when I say “If it has wheels you better have a helmet on” it isn’t that we are party poopers we just want to make sure they are safe at all times. We have a rule that implies even if it is a scooter, roller skates, bike, skateboard, you name it. HELMET. Protect that brain. I used to skimp out on wearing my helmet because it didn’t look cool. But then I learned being alive and safe is way cooler than being severely injured, or worse. 


Of course these are my own tips but even the littlest bit of information given to our kids no matter the age could save them in any situation or even someone they know. I hound my kids over everything so who knows maybe it will pay off one day.



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