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November 07, 2019

Skip Hop Suite 6 Piece Diaper Satchel Set [BLUSH COLOR]

If I am being completely honest I will only ever advertise and share products that I personally love and would use. I am a mom of three I am always looking at product reviews and I like to make sure that I am making a good choice on a purchase and that it is a genuine review! So that is what I will always do, advertise and show off products that totally rock and work and are affordable!


First I would like to say I absolutely love anything blush/rose gold colored! It is such a gorgeous color that pretty much goes with anything that I am wearing so to have seen Skip Hop have this bag was a win! This bag is actually a bag that I purchased from a friend recently [brand new] and since I LOVE sharing all things cute I had to share everything that I love about this bag! 



You can find this amazingly gorgeous Skip Hop diaper bag in my Amazon shop under the diaper bag category or you can click the link below to take you to Amazons page! They even make a SUPER adorable backpack version which is also beautiful!






The main thing that I love about this diaper bag is it is gorgeous, the color pops out but not in a tacky way! It has 10 pockets total including the side pockets, the back pocket [where you can keep the changing pad] and the front zip pocket! The straps are also really nice and I love that it has stroller straps. I love going on walks and it is hard when you are trying to cram a bag in the bottom of the stroller and then you are scrambling and making a mess it is hard! So the fact that this bag comes with those stroller straps is a huge win!




I had no idea "paci" holders were such a thing. So when I was scoping this bag out in person I popped a paci in the holder and my instant thought was "HOLY CRAP, GENIUS!". We are always losing them. I have SO MANY around the house and a lot are on paci clips [that clip to babies shirt] but some are just chillin around the house so now I can keep one in the holder attached to the diaper bag at all times! [it does detach which is awesome that way you can attach it to your purse or another bag!]





I love that the changing pad matches but can also be used with other diaper bags and that there is a spot behind the diaper bag for it to slide into! I like that it isn't thick. I like to PACK my bags full I have a newborn and two older kids that always need me to horde their snacks for them so seeing that the pad is nice and thin, has a velcro attachment and slides in the back is great. [makes room for snacks!]




So a lot of diaper bags have the spot on the side to pop a bottle of any sort it [or whatever you want] but this one COMES WITH an insulated bottle bag that can be removed and cinches! Every time I leave the house I have to pump and bring a fresh bottle with me and I can pump and pop the bottle into this bottle bag and when I need it I can holler at someone to grab it! Easy peasy!






And there you have it! Skip hops super adorable diaper bag that I am absolutely loving right now! I popped all of my goodies into it and everything AND THEN SOME fits well!






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