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December 16, 2019

December Sips by tea subscription - review

So I have tried MULTIPLE different types of subscription boxes over the years and have loved them all but I have never EVER seen a "tea subscription box". Sounds weird right? Okay. Try it. I promise you will love it. This was part of an ad that popped up ONCE again in my instagram feed. I usually get annoyed because I feel like these ads get me and know what I need and want and then they take ALL of my money.


So I checked it out and decided to try a month and now that I am hooked I will probably continue to pay monthly! You can get the scoop here: https://www.sipsby.com/


The first thing you do is you fill out what type of teas you like or you can do a randomizer. Not every type of tea is my thing so it was nice to pick what kind sounded good and then they whip up the box for you!


You can go into your account and change up your tea preferences and there are over a hundred different types of teas available. Not only that they have fun mugs and cups AND you can purchase fun pre made boxes!


ONCE my box came I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation! The box was nice and the first thing I noticed was a card that had the tea description WITH MY NAME ON IT. I know that sounds SUPER silly but the fact that this company took the time to put my name on something and make it personal had me excited!







So the first tea that I found in my box was a yummy Gingerbread Cake Sips by PINKY UP tea.

TASTY! This was the first teat that I tried. It came with 4 tea bags but each bag can easily be re steeped for another cup and taste just as yummy! This tea has Black tea, Ginger, Carrot, Cardamom pods, Clove Buds, Cardamom seed, Date cubes, Pink pepper, Natural flavoring and Stevia extract.

So in other words lots of wonderful flavors making for a delicious cup of tea! This tea is also high in caffeine.






The next tea in my box was a delicious Pistachio Torte Sips by FAVA TEA

This tea is also High caffeine which is great because as a new mom I need all of the help I can get!  This tea has Black tea, pistachios, Flavor, Rose petals, Marzipan drops and Almonds. In other words. Tasty.






Next we have a Raspberry Rose Oolong sips by TEA HEAD

This tea has Oolong tea, Pink rosebuds, Rose petals, Raspberries, Pink corn flower blossoms and natural flavoring. This tea is a medium caffeine tea which is nice if you have already had some caffeine for the day and just want a little bit with a lot of flavor.






Last we have Regal Jasmine Blooming Tea sips by FLOWER POT TEA

OK this little tea is CUTE! It is a little bloom that comes in the cutest little box and it makes enough tea for one pot TWICE. Which is awesome if you are having company come over and would like to make a bigger kettle of tea for your guests. This tea has Jasmine flowers, Marigold flowers, Gomphrena flowers, White tea and natural flavors. 





This tea flower pot is low in caffeine which is awesome especially since it makes an entire kettle of tea and if you are anything like me I like to re steep or have multiple cups throughout the day.  This tea is made by hand-sewing tea leaves into a ball, with a flower creation inside.

I am looking forward to ordering more of these little blooms for the future!

This tea SCREAMS spring!





I HAVE to say that one of my FAVORITE things about this box is that they provide biodegradable bags for the loose tea. How wonderful for them to provide these bags and it makes it easier to toss the bags out knowing that they are biodegradable what a COOL thing to offer in the box!





Overall this box of tea was AMAZING and I will be keeping my subscription and I cannot wait to see what comes in next months box!





Go check it out! I also love that you get a percentage off of every tea that comes in your box for future purchases! Score! 



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