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August 15, 2019

Pregnancy Month Two

Baby is now the size of a strawberry. Still really tiny but definitely growing fast! 



You are probably starting to feel all sorts of ways. It is okay if you still have not adjusted because sometimes things take time. I remember with each pregnancy I felt different each time. I was excited but scared. Nervous. I didn’t know how my husband would feel or how family would react. These are all normal feelings. As long as you feel good about yourself and are working through it that is what is important. Give it time. You will get there. You may even start to feel some of those pesky symptoms - but again if you aren’t that is okay too! 



Your Baby.

This month your baby is turning into a tiny fetus vs a ball of cells. This month is a big month for your tiny baby as all of the main organs are starting to form which is major so make sure you are taking good care of yourself physically and emotionally as well as taking your vitamins. Baby now has a beating heart and has tiny little arm buds and leg buds. All essential organs including lungs, ears and eyes are starting to form by week 8. 



Your Body - What is happening.

The first trimester overall is exhausting and confusing. You know you are pregnant but it is still so fresh you are confused on if every symptom is just that - a symptom. During my first trimester I remember sleeping a lot as the first few months kicked my butt. So take advantage of it! You aren’t starting to show yet but the bloat is for real around 8 weeks. Things are feeling more snug and your boobs are starting to hurt and slightly grow and that is normal. I also remember feeling super moody. Well moodier than normal since I am generally a moody person [or so I am told.]



What you should do this month.

READ. I cannot stress it enough. Find books that go over everything. I know it is early but I loved getting a head start on reading that way as the days flew by I wasn’t terribly shocked by what I was experiencing or going through. Keep taking your prenatal vitamins and by this month you should have your prenatal appointment and possibly your first ultrasound to check out your little gummy bear!



Until next month!


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