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August 13, 2019

Pregnancy Month Three

Congratulations you are now carrying a tiny lemon sized baby!



I am sure they are super sweet and probably a little tart as well! This month you are in the final stage of the first trimester! Which can be exciting for many reasons. A lot of people when they find out they are pregnant choose not to disclose their pregnancy as they may fear miscarriage, that something may be wrong or maybe they just have not fully accepted the pregnancy and aren’t ready to share which is okay! Whatever your reasoning may be that is solely just that - YOUR reasoning so never justify why or why you have not disclosed your pregnancy. You are probably starting to pop out more and depending on how you carry or which pregnancy this is for you that will determine how you are looking and feeling in the lower abdomen. 



Your baby.

Baby is starting to move and groove and grow quite a bit! It is still too early to feel movements but soon enough you will feel that super weird popcorn feeling that confuses you every single time! I used to think “Okay was that gas or the baby..or both” baby now has a fully formed face. It may not be detailed but I am sure it’s just as adorable in all of its tiny glory! Sometimes you may be able to hear the baby's heartbeat with a doppler which is usually done at the doctors office. This is a tricky subject because every pregnancy is different as is every pregnant person and baby so sometimes detecting a heartbeat early on can be tricky. On top of that it can make you feel anxious and panicky if you cannot hear it yet so until you are able to feel the baby move stay away from the doppler unless you like anxiety then I say go for it!



Your body - What is happening.

Some say morning sickness [if you are one of the unlucky ones] starts to fade this month. I don’t like to tell people that because again every single pregnancy is different and such a wild card! You have no idea what to expect and just because one pregnancy was a certain way doesn’t mean that it will be the same the next go round. BUT if you are one of the lucky ones who’s morning sickness starts to fade this month that is fantastic! If not I suggest saltines and lots of water and that is about all that helped me. Id keep saltines and my water right by my bed and when I first woke I’d have something to eat and drink and that would sometimes help. Boobs. Yes your boobs. Are growing. In case you haven’t noticed and that is normal and they may even be heavy and sore they are just growing and getting ready to produce milk for when your little babe gets here. 



What you should do this month.

On top of prenatal vitamins I suggest keeping up with fiber and healthy greens and LOTS of water. I say this because pregnancy constipation is no joke and it really stinks. It pretty much consumed over half of my pregnancy and it was really hard to deal with. So be sure you are eating lots of fiber filled foods and keeping up on that water! 



Until next month!



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