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August 09, 2019

Pregnancy Month Five

This month baby is the size of a grapefruit! Grapefruits have always been an interesting fruit for me.



They are really good for you however, you forget about them because nobody talks about them. They are healthy and great for your body and full of rich nutrients so congrats your baby is doing your body good! This month is a big month as you may be finding out the gender if you choose, baby is making themselves more known and you are growing like a weed! Your friends and family may start to notice your body changing but remember you can share what you want to share! Nothing wrong with having a little secret.



Your baby. 

Baby is still small even though you are starting to feel them move around more. The movements won’t be frequent because there is still so much room in there and sometimes depending on the placement of your placenta, this still may be hard. This is something you can and should discuss with your healthcare provider. Never panic but if you are ever feeling concerned you should always reach out, this is your baby and your experience. Baby’s skin is starting to develop something called vernix which is a greasy substance that covers and protects the skin while in the amniotic sac. yeah it sounds weird and potentially gross however, it is very important to your baby.



Your body - What is happening.

If you have not felt baby yet remember that is normal as baby is still quite small and there is a ton of room inside of your womb. If you have not felt baby before, this might just be your month! How exciting! Don’t panic if you feel baby one day and not again for a few days. This can be really hard because I am an quick to panic, one thing goes wrong or I feel something is wrong I panic right away. If you feel concerned and want to reach out to your doctor you should but just breathe and try not to stress yourself out. You may start to feel braxton hicks [fake annoying labor pains that shouldn’t have any sort of pattern and are more of a nuisance than anything], sleeping may start to change for you as things grow you may start to feel a slight discomfort. 



What you should do this month.

If you are considering hiring a doula or would like more information on what a doula is and does you should totally look into it and see if it is right for you. Start figuring out what you would like as far as where you plan to birth. It is still soon to decide HOW you want to birth however, you should look into options see what works for you and what you hope to gain out of your delivery. Check in with your local hospital if you choose to deliver at a hospital and get signed up for a tour and see what classes they offer for pregnancy as well. 

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