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January 19, 2020

Postpartum Must haves

The postpartum period is hard. VERY VERY hard. Harder than we even realize! There are so many things that we can do for ourselves to help us during the fourth trimester! I have put together a list of things that I have used to make my postpartum stage easier as well as things that I recommend as a Doula.



Maternity & Postpartum Robe

With my other two pregnancies I wore the hospital gown and of course there is nothing wrong with them. However, this gown was AMAZING to have. I wore it throughout my hospital stay AND at home during the first few weeks postpartum. Breastfeeding was easier, it was comfortable and it was easier to move around and in and out of bed and to use the bathroom.




Pink Stork Lactation Tea

I am a huge tea lover and absolutely love this brand! They make an amazing labor prep tea as well as a postpartum tea that is absolutely yummy. I was drinking the pink stork tea after I gave birth and noticed a change in my supply! It isn't always a "For sure" every time you take a supplement for lactation but it is worth a shot! Plus the flavor is amazing and calming so that is a bonus!




Herbal Perineal Spray by Earth Mama

Giving birth is hard. AFTER is super painful in different ways but an obvious way is the pain we feel after giving birth that BURNING ACHING feeling and it isn't great especially if we tear too. That is why I am so glad they have a product that you can spray for comfort! I LOVE mama organic products this one is amazing as is witch hazel and also dermoplast!




3 in 1 Postpartum Belly Support Wrap

I LOVED my recovery wrap! A friend had suggested getting one for recovery and OH BOY it was amazing. I used it within 24 hours of my C section [also amazing and helpful after Vaginal births] but I felt like my stomach didn't ache as much and the pressure really helped me move around and feel more in control of my middle half. I wore for a few weeks with breaks and it was amazing! I still wear it and I feel like it helped my stomach a ton as far as healing and recovery!




Frida Mom Peri Bottle

GET. THIS. It doesn't matter if you have a vaginal birth or C section there will still be the need to flush and cleanse yourself after birth and this was a LIFE SAVOR. I had it with me in the hospital and used it to cleanse and used it for a few weeks at home. AH the relief and it was nice being able to use without much effort. Get this! Doula tip : ADD SOME WITCH HAZEL! Just a few drops! Ahhh yes it will be fantastic!




Organic Nipple Butter

Holy achy chapped nipples! Even now my baby is months old and my nipples still get chapped! it doesn't help that she is teething! I have used this nipple butter since DAY ONE and I am in love with recommending this product! It is safe for baby especially if you use in between feeds. It is organic with no harsh chemicals and it works WELL. 




3 in 1 Therapy Packs

OH THE LET DOWN AND HOW BAD IT SUCKS AND HURTS! These gell packs were amazing when I had my daughter years ago so I had to be sure to have these on hand ready for when I had my third. Let down is an achy tingly almost burning feeling in your breasts when your milk comes in and lets down and it can suck. These gell packs ah they helped so much! Takes only seconds in the microwave and the heat really relieves the pain not only that if you are having issues the heat will also help your milk come in by relaxing the breast! HUGE recommend! You can also freeze them! 




5 Pack Nursing Bra

I am a lover of saving money on anything and everything I can! Things add up with kids and life so when I found these bras for such an amazing price I couldn't pass it up! When they came in I had just gotten home from the hospital and the fit was PERFECT they were comfortable and I loved how if one got wet or had milk or whatever on it I had back ups while they were in the wash! I still wear these and swear by these!




14 Organic Bamboo Nursing Breast Pads

I have tried disposable pads and the washable organic pads and I like both! HOWEVER I love that I can toss these in the wash[using the awesome bag so you don't lose them], they are VERY comfortable in my bra and shirt and I feel like I am not being as wasteful! Love!




The Fourth Trimester Book

GET.THIS.BOOK. I read this book when I was getting my Doula Certification and loved it so much that I was taking it and lending it to Doula clients because it was fantastic. It is important to understand that there are FOUR trimesters not just Three. The postpartum period is SO important and this book is full of helpful information to help you understand preparing your body for birth. Emotions post delivery as well as healing and restoring energy! Great read!




CraveBox Healthy Care Package 30 Count

Once I got home I was nursing and pumping like a mad woman and I was STARVING. You are burning SO many calories and was constantly asking for a snack and water! I did some research and found this AMAZING box of snacks you can subscribe or do a one time purchase I purchased this box a few times. It was so nice having snacks in my room by my bedside for late night snacking and downstairs when I found myself hungry! So many goodies!




Coco Butter Recovery Skin 4 Pack

I love this kit! It comes with a lotion for your stomach which helps the skin and helps with elasticity, Tightening Lotion, Nipple butter and skin therapy oil! Fantastic group of lotions for after a shower! Smells amazing too and fantastic price for the set!




4 Pack Unisex Non Slip Grip Sock

These were AMAZING to have after having baby. Cozy on my feet and I even had a pair in my hospital bag for when we went in to have baby. They provide socks but they always slid down these were nice to have on at all times to provide some comfort and safety when walking around.




Tucks Hemorrhoid Pads [100 Pack]

Laugh ALL YOU WANT but when it comes time to poop for the first or even 5th time after giving birth you will experience a discomfort like no other and with that discomfort comes Hemorrhoids. Get these. Just do it. And use them because you will have some aches and pains down there that you will wish you had some relief for. it doesn't matter if you are having a C section or Vaginal birth pooping sucks regardless.




Adult Coloring Books

Sure there will always be netflix and tablets and phones but one thing that I found soothing after having baby was having something to color! I had one of these in my hospital bag and would color while quietly sitting in my room and then once I got home those long pumping sessions or feeds these were nice to have next to me! Gave me something fun to do!




Silicone Breast Pump

I don't care if you have an electric pump GET one of these! And if you don't know how to use it watch a quick youtube clip! Seriously saves me ton of milk especially when I would nurse in the early days this caught the milk well on the other side! Amazing!




Nodpod Sleep Mask

OH THE RELAXATION! So my husband actually got this for me! I would take me time breaks and lay down and the heat from warming it up and the weight would just FEEL amazing! Plus you can comfortably attach it behind your head. When I got this I was like um okay? But then I started to lay down and just breathe and it would block the light and it helped so much with helping me relax!




Bamboobies Nursing Shawl 

I LOVE everything sold by the Bamboobies company! Their quality of their products are amazing! I have this shawl/cover and LOVE it because you can wear it like normal with a cute outfit and breastfeed wherever comfortably. I like to wear it and walk around nursing or sometimes lay on the couch use it as a little cover and blanket for baby. Remember you do NOT need to ever cover up while breastfeeding but if you would like a cute little something this is an awesome product!





CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BABY TO BE OR YOUR NEW BABY! You are amazing and strong and if you have not yet given birth you are going to be AMAZING and if you have just recently had a baby or plan on having more babies you are ALSO amazing strong mamas! I hope this list helps you find a few things you need or maybe you found something you didn't think you needed!




Check out the shop tab look around you might find something else to fit your needs or your family's needs!



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