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May 09, 2020

Ovulation - The ins and outs

Getting pregnant can be super funky and complicated sometimes. There are quite a few things that need to work out timing wise in order to conceive! Ovulation is such a short window for conception that can be funky especially when you are timing it to get pregnant. There are quite a few things that can be helpful when trying to  getting pregnant when it comes to Ovulation.


So what is Ovulation? When does it happen? HOW does it happen? How will I know?


I will give you the run down on the what/when and how and then get to the how will I know part.


What is Ovulation and when does it happen? Every month your body prepares for pregnancy by triggering a hormone called follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Once this hormone is triggered it causes eggs to mature in the ovaries. There has to be enough estrogen in order for Ovulation to take place. Once your body has created enough Estrogen usually around 12-18 days into your monthly cycle [I always say usually two weeks before your period is due to start] you will begin to Ovulate.



 Ovulation happens when the ovaries release a mature egg which then heads down the Fallopian tube to wait for fertilization. There is a short window on when you can conceive every month and some months we don't ovulate so it can make it tricky to time it! Once the egg is released and travels down to wait for sperm it will hang out for 12-24 hours before the window has close. If the sperm meets the egg then the journey begins. Women only have a short window to conceive however, sperm will continue to make its way to the Fallopian tubes for about 6 days. That is why you can still get pregnant if you have sex before ovulation because the sperm are still travelling and hanging out waiting around. 


Even if the sperm and egg meet there is a chance that the egg will implant or maybe it won't. If it doesn't implant it will disintegrate which will pass when you have your next period. If it does implant then boom baby process has begun. Sometimes there is no Ovulation at all which results in a period and no chance for conception. If this continues to occur talk to your doctor see what your next options are.






One of the biggest things I have been asked is HOW will I know if I am ovulating. Sure there are tests and stuff that you can take that might give a good idea but there are other things that you can look for when waiting for Ovulation.

1. Most women can FEEL the ache which is known as mittelschmerz which is also known as "middle pain" and it can feel dull and achy and this ache can be quick or last a few days.

2. Most notice a change in vaginal discharge it changes to a clear egg white texture that can be stretched between the fingers in the days leading up to Ovulation. 

3. Of course there are Ovulation kits you can get that can better help and if you feel that you still aren't sure about Ovulation you should always reach out to your OB/Midwife and see if they can help you get a better understanding.



Understanding Ovulation will help you understand your body just a little bit more. 


Some people track Ovulation to AVOID pregnancy.


There are things you can do to increase your chances of natural Ovulation. Take care of yourself and your physical well being. Stick to a healthy diet, exercise, take your vitamins, rid of stress and remember we are NOT in control of what our bodies choose to do but we can take really good care of it in the mean time.




I am sure there are other things that women notice during Ovulation and every person is different! That is really important to keep in mind. Not everyone will Ovulate. Some will need help Ovulating and you just never know what your body will choose to do or not to do in the months.


Trying to Conceive can feel like a crazy ride, slow down. breathe and enjoy the ride.





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