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November 19, 2020

November's Bitsy Baby Box Review

I cannot believe that it is already NOVEMBER! I love November for so many reasons! Fall of course. Thanksgiving [even if this year we are staying home] and my little one aged ANOTHER month! I cannot believe it! 


This article DOES have affiliate links which basically means if you click the link and order THROUGH the link I get a credit through amazon at NO charge to you. So in other words you support me by ordering basically ANYTHING after you click the item link :)



Let's dive into this month's box!



This month's baby box theme is "Wonder" which is super adorable!



And as I ALWAYS like to mention, on the back there is a little "DID YOU KNOW." This one says " Little ones with an active imagination are shown to play better with others their age, handle emotions and be happier!"




The first item in this month's baby box is "Moisturizing baby lotion by Babo Botanicals" and I have gotten this one in an older box which is FINE because this is one of the best baby lotions I have used to date! Here is a link if you wanna try it out! Moisturizing Lotion By Babo Botanicals




Next is the CUTEST owl clicker toy [that is my description of it] it is made of wood and you basically can click it to make music! SO cute and so fun. My daughter absolutely loves it! It's made by Plan Toys and it is a percussion toy! So cute! 




Next in our baby box is toothpaste by Jack and Jill and I love that it is a natural / organic option that makes brushing fun for my toddler. Not only that it is pretty affordable which is important to me as well! You can get it on amazon here : Jack and Jill toothpaste 




I am super excited to find these baby blocks! My kiddos have passed down their duplo blocks however we have noticed they get kinda stuck. Once I opened these for Blake she LOVED them and it was super easy for her to take them apart and stack! 





Last but not least was the CUTEST set of famous people cards. I really liked that these are like a thick cardboard and come with a plastic ring. SUPER cute and educational with a cute image and a quick description on the back. My 7 year old actually really liked it and read through multiple times! Now I am on the hunt for more!! They are called BIG Dreamers Smart Flash Cards! You can find them here on amazon! Big Dreamers Flash Cards






Guys of course this box made us super happy and pleased! Baby approved and we cannot wait until our next month's box! 


Until next month!!









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