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November 25, 2019

November's Bitsy Baby Box Review

If you are not familiar with Bitsy box it is a subscription box THROUGH bump boxes. You can do one or the other or you can do both. 


When I was pregnant with my daughter earlier in the year I was subscribed to Bump Boxes and I was able to get lots of fun goodies for each month [I wish I could show you!] but you can pop by their website I will link it and you can scope it out. Anyways I signed up for the 12 month subscription it was the best deal and every month the quality of items were worth it PLUS it was a fun pick me up every month while pregnant! 


Once my daughter was born the box turned into a Bitsy box so every month the box is designed to the age of your baby! cool right?! So this month I HAD to share the box that I got in the mail. I only have a few more months left of my subscription but once it is up I am going to re sign up so little girl can continue to get goodies every month!


A little bit of info about the Bitsy box [I pay for all of my own subscriptions as of right now I just LOVE sharing my goodies as you know! I will always only share things that I find to be worth it and valuable [in my opinion] You get a box of quality products every single month related to the age of your baby!


There is a MONTH TO MONTH subscription that costs $39.99 a month and you get 5-8 products tailored to your baby's age.

There is a 6 Month option that costs $36.00 a month and you get 5-8 products tailored to your baby's age.

There is a 9 MONTH option that costs $34.00 a month and you get 5-8 products tailored to your baby's age.

And then there is the 12 month option that costs $32.00 a month and you get 5-8 products tailored to your baby's age. 

EACH plan offers a percentage off of their shop which is really cool! It is from ages NEWBORN TO THREE YEARS OLD! Fun!


You can check it out here: SIGN UP HERE


Anyways let's get to this months shall we!






The box is super cute like a soft teal and everything is always nicely packaged!




This month's box was designed around Teething which is SO fun that they do that! My little girl is just a few days away from being 4 months old and oh boy the teething has started!





The first item that we found in the box was this SUPER cute toy! There is usually a fun toy in each box so baby was excited to hear the fun little sounds this one makes! She isn't SUPER involved in toys yet but if you show her and shake them around she is starting to enjoy it! It's called the FLIP FLOP FROG RATTLE by infantino super cute and you can click here to find it in my amazon shop: Play Time [0-2]





Next in the box was a super cute apple shaped teething ring by Green Sprouts! I loved having teething rings that you could freeze for my older two! The cold helps the gums and this one is nice because it has the little ridged areas on it which is soothing for the gums. You can find it here in my amazon shop: Baby Must Haves





Next in the box was a silicone finger toothbrush ALSO made by Green Sprouts! Again I had these for my other kiddos and not only were you keeping their gums clean you are soothing the gums while they have to deal with teething. You can find it here in my amazon shop: Baby Must Haves





Next there was a box of baby rice cereal which was cool because we are nearing the time to introduce solids. This is a subject that you should do your own personal research on make sure YOU feel comfortable and ALWAYS talk with a health care provider if you have any questions. We are going to wait another month or so but it will be nice to have in the pantry! The cereal is made by Earths Best Organic! I don't have it in my shop HOWEVER you can pretty much buy it at any store if you would like.





Next in the box was an Itzy Ritzy Teething Necklace for mama [or papa] I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything made by Itzy Ritzy and was super pumped to find this in my box! yay! I love the texture and how big the pendant is for baby to grab and chew! [it is so much better than her grabbing my extensions and yanking them out] You can find this necklace in my shop: Baby Must Haves





Okay now we have a teething oil made by Wellements. I love that this is an organic product and have read some pretty great things about this specific brand and company. This company also sells other baby needs like body balm, cough medicine and probiotic drops ALL organic so that is awesome I will have to look into getting those from this brand as well. I love having extra goodies for the diaper bag especially on long trips so this will have to go in the bag for as needed use! You can find the item here in my shop: Baby Must Haves






AND LASTLY in our awesome Bitsy Box was an adorable bandana bib by one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE companies Aden and Anais! I love that this company makes all sorts of things because their fabric is the best and the quality LASTS! You can find this bib and others in my amazon shop:High Chairs & Feeding






Here is this month's box! LOVE! I cannot wait to see what is in our December Bitsy box!






Here is our girl loving the bandana and the adorable apple teether! Until next month!










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