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November 21, 2019

November's Boxy charm box

I would like to first start off by saying THIS MONTHS BOXY CHARM IS EVERYTHING.

Now that that's out there.


I have been a subscriber for Boxy Charm for a long while now so when I decided to start doing product reviews I thought hey. I already get this subscription why not let people know how amazing it is. 


As a mom I am always pinching pennies. It is the truth. I have three kids I do not have time or the energy to focus a lot of time on makeup and learning new things [although I should because I could learn some new tricks] anyways. I also can't just run out and buy ALL of this new makeup all the time well because, kids.


So that is why I have been getting Boxy Charm for so long because every month you get items that rock your world. Well mine is rocked...it might be the caffeine but the makeup helps ;)

Anyways when I opened this months I was like "WHATTTTT okayyyy" [Little jon voice] because everything was so awesome. let me share what I got with you!




You guys. This eye shadow Palette is gorgeous. With Thanksgiving next week I am stoked to try out a look with this! They are bold colors however they are also soft and sexy! Which to be honest, as a new mom I could use some of these colors in my life to help me out. [goes to grab info sheet]

Okay this palette is called the "Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette" and it is by Dominique Cosmetics


The colors are awesome and the palette only retails $35. Which in my opinion after checking this one out in person is worth it. A nice add to my mama makeup collection!








UP NEXT we have this AMAZZZZINNGGG Dew quench and glow serum by Kypris which is awesome because not only is this product high end so you know it's good [$90] it made my skin SUPER soft this morning after my shower. And as I have mentioned before I have a new baby my skin is TIRED and not that great. So this is a huge plus I am loving that it came in my box and cannot wait to use it everyday! ALSO HUGE bonus I love that it STATES "No animal testing" this is really important to me.





Next in our November box is this BEAUTIFUL liquid Matte Lipstick by Dose of Colors. The color that I received is charm and I love this shade because it goes really well with the eyeshadow palette that I got. Get a cute dress and my face will look amazing for the holiday! I love matte lipstick because I always forget to reapply so a nice good matte is helpful when keeping me covered all day! The price is killer even out of pocket at $18. I know that may sound like a lot to some but these good brands last a WHILE and last all day so spend if you can!






Next we have a TWO piece brush set by boxycharm. Okay fun! I love makeup brushes I am not very good at using them but I love getting fun things that can help me learn! And getting these in my box makes me want to have fun and spend some time on a new look! [parents at the bus stop better watch out] also these brushes are only $35 but one thing I am learning you pay for quality and with brushes we want our makeup to look good so it is worth it.






Lastly we have these eye masks. First off. HOW DID THEY KNOW I WAS TIRED. Seriously. Tired all the time. I have three kids one who is still breastfeeding and the oldest talks back so yeah, I am tired. SO these are perfect. I need to relax and brighten so it is a combo deal. Stoked! This set is $12!






So if we have learned ANYTHING from today it's that you deserve a boxycharm subscription! I am not a paid sponsor I just LOVE sharing products that I love! And I LOVE this box. Helps a mama feel good about her look every single month! So for $25 a month you can get a fun box of wonderful HIGH quality products. That are full size! I mean it is a no brainer!



So ill add a link so you can check it out! Even for a month! See what you think! This is a referral link from my personal paying account! Try it you will love it!






Until next month! 

I CANNOT WAIT to see what Decembers looks like!







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