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November 11, 2020

NaturesPlus Animal Parade Vitamins - Product Review!

This review was sponsored by NaturesPlus who provided the vitamins for us to provide an honest review of the product! 


There are amazon affiliate links on this review that takes you to amazon via my affiliate link! You do not pay any extra through amazon if you choose to order through that link but you do support me.


When it comes to my family health is key. I make sure that we stick to a healthy diet with of course fun treat nights here and there but one thing that is really important to me is that my children take a vitamin. Every year I dread cold and flu season which I KNOW is always going to come!


I also know that if they are taking supplements that are healthy and good for them I know there is a chance their immune system might hold up better when and if they do catch something.


I have always been a fan of NaturesPlus vitamins! I take their multivitamin and I love that they are sold in SO many places not only that the VARIETY is so great! They have vitamins, collagen powder, protein powder, hemp oil and more!


What a great universal company for all of your health needs. You can find SO many products for your family on their website naturesplus.com OR Amazon also has quite a few of their products if you are looking for a quicker receivable date.


Here is where you can find their vitamins on amazon: NaturesPlus Animal Kingdom Vitamins

You can also find ALL of their products on their website: naturesplus.com


When I was a kid we had chewable flintstone vitamins well now there are SO much variety when it comes to providing our children with a healthy vitamin option! After Nature's plus reached out to me about providing us with some vitamins as well as some super awesome information about their vitamins and how they can help your children stay healthy! 


Their Naturesplus Animal Parade vitamin line for kids is fantastic there is quite a bit of variety! There are vitamins for everyday needs and the fact that each vitamin is free from synthetic colors and have a lot of organic ingredients makes me want to purchase in the future!


The first product that we tried were the NaturesPlus Animal Parade Source of Life Gold Children's Multivitamin and they were a total hit! My kids take them every morning and there are never any complaints! I love that they are also a probiotic. With the kids being home right now it is important that they get ALL of the vitamins so this all in one is great!



They have so many different types of vitamins for the whole family but I am loving this Animal Parade line they have! They have chewable vitamins as well as gummies for those who prefer one or the other.  Some other children's vitamins that they carry are:



Animal Parade Gummies These gummies are DELICIOUS! I love that all of the vitamins are an animal! Super cute! My kiddos love them!



I love that they have a Zinc Vitamin for kids! There are so many vitamins lacking in a child's diet even while eating healthy every day! Zinc is great for immune function and more! Animal Parade Kid Zinc is a great zinc vitamin for your child it also comes in Tangerine flavored!  Zinc is a vital element for normal growth, brain development, and the normal functioning of the immune system.



Now that we have reached cold and flu season germs are at an all time high! I love that there is a vitamin for the immune system with extra goodies! NaturesPlus has a Immune Booster Vitamin for kids which is perfect during cold and flu season! NaturesPlus Animal Parade Source of Life Kids Immune Booster offers customized immune system support, designed for your child's delicate nutritional needs.



Another vitamin that they have in their Animal Parade Kids line is a KidGreenz vitamin where they can get the r the health benefits of high energy, phytonutrient-rich green superfoods from land and sea in succulent tropical fruit-flavored chewable tablets. KidGreenz Superfood Complex features broccoli, spinach, spirulina, kelp, lactic flora growth accelerants and other nutritional powerhouses that are often absent from kids diets.



They also have a D3 Vitamin for kids called NaturesPlus Animal Parade Vitamin D3 that is helpful when you just aren't getting outside as much as normal and not getting sun exposure!



Their site also offers many more vitamins such as Calcium, Digestion Aid, Chewable Dental Probiotics, Vitamin C and more!



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11/10/20 at 09:16PM PST

Add to cart 😍 I am definitely trying these! These have so much more benefits than my kids current vitamins! They’ll especially need the Vitamin D, we become hermits in the winter!

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11/10/20 at 08:56PM PST

Our family loves using the Gold, Greenz, and Tooth Fairy vitamins. I am so happy to see you sharing not only these great products, but many more we were unaware of! 

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