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September 14, 2019

That pesky weekday morning routine

Weekday mornings. Every parent in the universe despises weekly mornings. You have to get the kids up and ready, make sure they actually get up when you yell for them the first time. Make sure they pack their lunches with appropriate snacks and foods for the day, when really you don’t care because you just want them to get it done. You want to make sure they are wearing clothes that fit and that their hair looks somewhat presentable for school. On top of that you want to make sure they brush their teeth and wear deodorant because that combo is deadly, not kidding. Overall you just want the morning to go somewhat smoothly while you chug your super cold coffee and try not to lose your mind. So what can we do as parents to make sure this can maybe go a little smoother so we aren’t all crying as we get into the car?


Patience. Oh man that word isn’t my favorite because when you have more than one child your patience tends to start to thin out and be less presence. But if you have patience and more understanding I have noticed that things tend to go smoother in the morning. Afterall, they are just kids. I think we are guilty of setting the bar too high for the children expecting them to care about that morning hustle and get it done attitude, but they don’t. Give them more time in the morning so they can learn to get things done even if it is at a slower pace. Be patient with them.


Understanding. Understand that they have moods too just like us. We wake up happy, sad, down, miserable ect. Our kids are just figuring out themselves as well they have moods and sometimes they cannot control their moods, just like we sometimes can’t.


Praise. This one I am guilty of not doing. Praising them for how well they are doing and how proud of them we are that they finished their breakfast, put their socks on by themselves or even how well they packed their own lunch. A little bit of praise goes a long way for us adults think about how much of an impact praise is to our kids over even the smallest things.


Breathe. Give that nice big morning hug when they wake up and when they leave for school. The mornings can be super stressful if everyone is running behind but we need to stop. Breathe and remind ourselves that getting overwhelmed and frustrated because their hair is a mess or they aren’t putting their shoes on fast enough, isn’t worth it. It isn’t worth it for you and it’s not worth it for them. 


Time management. This is a big one, especially in my home. I have three children who are at different stages in childhood. A pre teen. An early elementary aged child and a baby. So everyone has different speeds, goals, cares, attitudes ect. Setting an alarm for everyone to get up at once [obviously not the baby] giving them the same routine every morning will help them manage their time better. Get up and get dressed right away. Pack their lunch grab a snack then make breakfast. Go straight to the bathroom brush their hair and teeth. PUT SOCKS ON. [this is an obvious struggle in households]. Get everything by the door that way when the “Get your shoes and coats on” alarm goes off it is quick and then everyone is out the door. 


At the end of the day we are all doing our best, even our kiddos. When we learn to cut them some slack they will do the same in return because we are probably hard to deal with too. Breathe. 



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Now that we really aren't allowed to hang out with people due to COVID It is clear who was a real friend and who wasn't. I hear from NOBODY and I am lonelier than ever.

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i’m over quarantine i’m losing my damn mind!

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I judge other parents for spanking their kids. I don’t think we should be able to hit children. Even our own. Children need more rights.

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