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March 20, 2020

March's BoxyCharm Box Review


I sure do love my monthly boxes! As I have mentioned in the past I love the variety it is probably one of my favorite things about this box is how they mix it up between makeup and hair/face products! Ok! Let's get into this month's box! Also if you do not know much about this box it is REALLY affordable and you get amazing full size products every month. So basically ONE item costs MORE than you pay for a box of  4-5 full size items for $25 a month.

So. Treat Yo self!




The first item in this month's box is a lip line corrector by QMS Medicosmetics. What is a lip line corrector? WELL it helps the upper lip area you know we get lovely lines and wrinkles everywhere especially randomly around our lips? WELL this is supposed to help. I did some MAJOR research and it is an amazing product that I cannot WAIT to use. Not only is it an amazing product it retails for $200! What a steal in this month's box! They had me at "YOUTHFUL appearance"  keep in mind not EVERY product will work the same for everyone so I am keeping an open mind!




NEXT we have a Hairgurt repair Yogurt Hair Masque by "Project beauty" I love a good hair mask. I have pretty dry hair and am always looking for something to add some moisture and repair to my hair so when I saw this in my box I was super excited! PLUS it has yogurt protein and prebiotics in it plus other goodies! Looking forward to giving this a try! PLUS it only retails for $10 so it is an affordable purchase for the future!




UP NEXT we have a BEAUTIFUL Eye shadow palette and I LOVE me some eye shadow so I was super excited! This palette is called "living in color" by Hank and Henry. I have never used this brand before but LOVE trying new products especially shadows!  I love that it says that this palette was inspired by 90s and early 2000s myspace realness. Diggin it. This palette retails for $27 so there is the cost of your box right there! 


SUPER FUN! Loving it!



Next we have an ultimate lip definer pen by Becca. I have only used a handful of lip liners MAINLY because when I attempt to use I look like a clown but I might actually take the time to learn as this is a gorgeous color! This pen retails for $18!





OK the last item in our box is a Very Cherry Clean Cleansing Balm by Farmacy Beauty. MMM ok this smells great! I love a good cleansing balm for my face! I get pretty bad adult acne sometimes so my face tends to be pretty sensitive to products so I have a good feeling about this product especially since it has Vitamin C and is a makeup remover as well. WIN WIN. This product retails for $34 and again. THE SMELL mmm



LOOK at this box! So pretty! SO go sign up and treat yourself! You won't regret it! I spent little compared to the quality and total value of this box! Love my mom box!





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