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March 08, 2021

Bitsy Baby Box Product Review

Blake absolutely LOVES her boxes! Whenever something comes usually I open everything and let her check the item out however, this time she got right into it! Which made it so much more fun! I love knowing that the products that will be coming in the box are boxed and packaged well as well as fun and safe for babies/toddlers.

I LOVE doing product reviews for other parents and their families because I WOULD want someone to be real when doing a review on a product I was looking at. As a mom I do so much research on items and products because these are things we are PURCHASING and USING in our home. We want the real honest truth on things! So that is what I do! I will only ever be real with a review because it is what I would want to read!


She got right in there! Look how cute she is just diving in!


FIY there are affiliate links in this article! The links do NOT impact you directly but do impact me in a positive way at no cost on your end! <3


OK let's get started on our bitsy box [I purchased btw]

GO GIRL! Get in there!

I love seeing her little reactions because it is always so fun and such a surprise to her as well!

She kept saying "WHAT'S THAT!?" So sweet! 

The first item she pulled out was the cutest little wooden rattle by Green Tones. I am not familiar with the brand but I found them and you can find their toys and products on their website Gogreentones.com  Amazon does have a whole bunch of their items here is a link:  GREEN TONE TOYS ON AMAZON  Wooden toys have a different vibe and feel about them and this one was SO cute and fun right away.  Great for sensory play! All of their toys look fun and great!


The next item she pulls out of her box is a cute flip style book by the brand Banana Panda. This book comes on a plastic ring and it was super cute. I have seen these in previous boxes of hers and this one had a little story and cute photos which makes it great for calm down reading time. You can find this cute little book on Amazon here: BANANA PANDA BOOK AND MORE


Next was a cute little silicone snack bowl with a lid by Mini Twist! One of my favorites because we have one of these that I keep in our diaper bag! Super nice and the lid NICELY stays secure! Recommend if you like to pack snacks and keep them fresh!  Silicone Snack Bowl With Lid


Next was of COURSE another board book which is great because they are our FAVORITE! We have a HUGE bookshelf full of books so whenever she gets a new book we get super excited! This one is called "what can I hear" so cute. You can get it here on amazon for easy purchase: What Can I hear Baby Book


Okay last was the CUTEST wooden snail puzzle by the brand "begin again"!  I really like this one because it has colors and two sides. Really adds to the imaginative play! You can find their CUTE wooden puzzles here: Begin Again Puzzles


WHAT A GREAT BOX! Thank you bitsy box! Blake sure did have so much fun going through and finding all sorts of goodies in her baby box! 

How adorable is she!?

10/10 recommended box for littles!

ORDER YOURS AT : Bitsyboxes.com


If you are looking to collab you are welcome to contact us directly in the contact/advertise with us tab on the page!

xo, Sam

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