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January 14, 2020

A list of things every new parent needs

I have discovered a lot over the past 11 years of parenting when it comes to what kids need and what you need and what babies need. I have learned a lot of things are bogus but a lot of things are awesome to have. Things NOW are definitely cooler than a lot of the things that were available for babies and pregnancy than they were 11 years ago.



I am going to share a super awesome list of things that have worked for me as a mom over the past 11 years that might help you too!


Let's get to it!



Aden by aden + anais Disney Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle blankets are a must have. I have used so many different kinds and brands over the years but the absolute go to is the muslin swaddle by Aden and Anais! LOVE this brand and the quality is worth every penny!



Little Remedies Infant Essentials Value Pack

I actually received this little kit at my baby shower and I have used ALL of it multiple times. I also really like the brand and every one of their items has worked really well. I have a colicky baby and the gripe water has been awesome as well as the saline spray and gas relief drops. The cool thing is you can use the gripe water and gas relief drops at once and they work together to make digestion and their stomach feel more at ease after eating.



NoseFrida the Snotsucker

Yes. This sounds absolutely disgusting. And it is. HOWEVER. BEST. INVENTION. EVER. You are able to use your saline drops or spray and moisten the inside of babies nose and when you use the nose frida it is SUPER easy. Baby hates it BUT breathes so much better when you suck all of that gunk out. I was not about it because I thought it sounded gross but when I finally bought one holy smokes I use it once a day! I like to use it before bed or if baby is super congested I will use it a few times a day! There are filters and none of their junk ends up in your mouth I promise ;)



Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

There are SO MANY things I could say about this product! You can use it on the side you aren't using while nursing or pumping. It helps with letdown. It takes ZERO effort to use and it really helps pull that milk out vs wasting it into a pad! I have used it while driving, making dinner and even just watching a show on TV! It is fantastic and I recommend getting one!



Ely's & Co 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket Baby Sleep Bag

WE LOVE sleepsacks! They have really been a huge help in many ways when it comes to our baby. It keeps them comfortable and not too hot or too cold which is very important. It helps with those pesky late night diaper changes and sleep sacks have been proven to help with safe sleep! Halo also makes a sleep sack as well as Nested Bean that have all been recommended! 



My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow

I love this pillow it was comfortable and easy to wear while nursing in any position! It encourages posture which is great for mom and baby while also keeping baby comfortable without rolling off.  I also really like Boppy Brand Pillow as well!



Angel Care Bathtub

I love this bathtub! It has a nice mesh feel so the water doesn't fill up and you can fill the tub partially underneath and baby stays comfortable. This tub is ideal for 0-6 months!



4 Moms Mamaroo

HOLY. LIFE.SAVOR. When I was pregnant this last year I read some mixed reviews but thought you know, I am going to give it a shot. SO glad that I did. This was probably the most used item that we had. It was quiet, worked amazing and all of the settings were wonderful. My little girl loved this swing so much I will recommend it to all new expecting parents! Best swing we have ever used!



Snuggle Me Organic

I love this lounger we still use it! It is so comfortable for baby and is a nice snug fit for baby when laying down. You aren't supposed to use these loungers for sleep but for rest with supervision is okay! It is a great lounger!



Copper Pearl Burp Cloths

I love ANYTHING copper pearl and LOVE their burp cloths! I have used my share of different brands throughout the years but this brand is a nice thick soft fabric that really holds up during messes!



Teething Mittens

Teething is hard! BUT they also drop everything they hold while teething that is why I have a bunch of these teething mittens for my little! Stays on her hand and she is able to chew comfortably on the rubber! Plus they are adorable!



Hatch Baby Sound Machine

My little is a REALLY light restless sleeper and it took a while to find the perfect sound machine to help soothe her. I reached out to some friends and everyone recommended this sound machine! So we bought one! AMAZING! And absolutely worth the price!



Backpack Diaper bag

I HAVE this bag and am obsessed with it! I have quite a few diaper bags but when I found this one I had to have it. It is beautiful, spacious and adorable while wearing! Not to mention comfortable and a fraction of the price of big named bags! I love that they have multiple colors! ANY bag that you can wear on your back while toting baby and kid stuff around is awesome!



Ultrasonic Cool Humidifier

This is a great humidifier! Not even just for your baby and little ones it is great for the whole family! I use ours often as we can get congested as we live in a dry area! Definitely recommend having one in your room especially where the baby is at to help keep them feeling clear in the nose!



Breast Milk Pads

I love this brand! They don't slide around in my nursing bra and are easy to dispose of! Not to mention also affordable!



Sit Me Up Seat

We loved ours! I was so sad when our girl outgrew but we were able to have her use it from 3 months up until she was too big! It is comfortable and easy to move around and lets your little one hang out wherever you are!



Boudreaux's Butt Paste

The. Best. Butt. Cream. EVER. That is all.



Comotomo Bottles

We have had very stubborn babies when it comes to taking the bottle which has always left us very frustrated but we found these bottles this go and they have been AMAZING. The best bottle for our breastfed baby and even formula fed babies!



Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper

This sleeper was SO amazing to have for the first while after birth as it pulled right up to the side of the bed, had the drop down side and was super comfortable and safe for sleep! As a nursing mom it was important to have baby right next to me for easy feed so this cradle was perfect! Not only that it is super easy to transport around the house.



Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier

Get a baby carrier! I LOVE Lillebaby and Boba! You can find so many different types of carriers make sure you read reviews and find one that will work best for you! This item was a LIFE SAVOR. Seriously. Grocery shopping, walking to pick my kids up from school, tired and fussy around the house you name it!



BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Bliss

LOVE this bouncer! I actually was gifted this one from a friend but would have no problem spending the money on it that is how much I love it! What I love about this bouncer is it isn't only for babies even toddlers can comfortably use it so you are able to use it for a few years!



Bumpkins SuperBib

We love these bibs so much! They are super easy to clean and wide for chest and body coverage for your messy eater! 



Organic Nipple Cream

I LOVE this nipple butter! Every new mama knows what I am talking about with the cracked nipples and if you have not had your baby yet GET this it will save you a lot of aches and pains when it comes to your newly breastfeeding or pumping boobs!



Bottle Drying Rack

SO HELPFUL! I Swear all we do is clean pump supplies and bottles so having a nice drying space for those items was a huge help!



Wet Dry Bags

LOVE! I got enough for my bag to hold pretty much everything! They make different sizes which is awesome but I prefer the large ones for storing in your diaper bag! You can store spare clothes, one can store wipes and diapers. Toiletries, Snacks for kiddos and I always have a spare one in my diaper bag for wet or dirty clothes! Plus they are super easy to clean! 



Burts Bees Baby Oil

This brand is probably my favorite so far of oils that I have tried. I use it on myself on my stomach it helps my skin feel soft and smooth and I do post bath tummy massages for my baby as it helps her digestion. I am a huge burts bees fan so I am super pleased with how much I love this product! Lasts forever for how much you get for the price!




Baby Scratch Mittens

These are amazing! Babies love touching their faces and whoever is holding them and they take their tiny little claws and scratch everything so these are perfect to have!



Disposable Changing Pad

These are amazing to have in the car and diaper bag! I always end up needing to change baby in the car or at a friends so it is nice to have these on hand so messes are easier to clean up!



Hooded Bath Towels

These are an obvious must have! I love this brand the fabric stays so soft even after multiple washes!



Diono Car Seat

Hands down the BEST car seat we have ever owned! We have been using different seats for a very long time and I really wish I could have used this same one for my other two! Secure, comfortable and the safety ratings are amazing! I will recommend this one as often as I can! Spend the extra and get it!




Boba Wrap

We love our boba wrap! There are a lot of different brands that are awesome but I LOVE boba! The quality of fabric is great not to mention their customer service is also amazing! I have their wrap and 5 of their carriers! 



Baby Care Kit

I have two of these kits one is in the car and one is in the nursery! This kit has EVERYTHING and really comes in handy quite often! A definite baby must have!



Baby Monitor

We have this monitor in our main living room area downstairs most of the time and we are able to see a huge area of the room while she is sleeping in her bassinet and then if she is upstairs asleep we can easily move it! I love that you can fit a lot in the video and it is awesome quality so I can clearly see baby and her movements.
















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03/02/20 at 12:41AM PST

Amazing post. This is very helpful for new moms. [link deleted - no outside links please]

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