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October 17, 2019

how to learn to love yourself a little more every day

Loving yourself is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. But it is also extremely hard as we tend to be really hard on ourselves for multiple reasons. We don’t like the way we look so we are constantly finding ways to change it. We don’t think we are good enough for friendships, relationships and even jobs, so we allow it to control us to where we are alone most of the time. I think it is common to wake up and just be down about at least one thing when it comes to yourself. Why are we so hard on ourselves, what do we have to prove and to who. Why are we constantly trying to change things about ourselves when we are who we are and we should love everything about ourselves. 


We want to be the best version of ourselves every day but how can we be at our best when we do nothing but criticize and degrade ourselves. How can we have successful relationships where we love the other person if we don’t love ourselves first. Self love is so important and if we don’t start today, even with the little things, years from now we'll be sad and miserable. It sounds harsh but it’s true. We aren’t doing ourselves any favors by being negative about every little thing. If we can wake up each morning and do one positive thing that will make a positive impact on how we view ourselves we can learn to love ourselves. 


Stop comparing yourself to how other people look. This is a big one that I think we are all guilty of. We want to look amazing, feel amazing, have great hair and nails. A six pack and perfect waist. But why. Why do we care so much to look like everyone else. Is it because that is what we THINK people care about? Or is it because social media has us so warped to thinking there is only one way to look? Maybe it is a mixture of everything. We are stuck with this mindset that image is everything that if we don’t look perfect that someone may not love us. If you continue to compare yourself to others you will NEVER love yourself because you will never be fully content.


Exercise every day. I don’t like exercising just as much as the next person however, it is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. Even just 20 minutes a day can really make a difference in the long run. You will start to feel better physically and mentally you will start to appreciate yourself. 


De-clutter your home. I just recently did this because I was feel boxed in. I was feeling so overwhelmed and anxious as I walked around my house that I couldn’t handle it. So I went into each room and if I didn’t love it, it went into a box! And I mean LOVE. So if you aren’t head over heels for the item it is time to let it go. This one can be hard because at one point that item was either a gift or cost something so it can be hard to get rid of things that you once spent money on. You can sell to a local marketplace like facebook has or just say SEE YA! And donate to a local thrift store. I prefer thrift stores that make a huge difference in the community either with people or with animals. Then you know your once costly item is benefiting someone else. This will help you feel less cluttered and less anxious and every day you will be able to breathe more and more.


RID OF THE TOXIC PEOPLE. This is probably the most important thing you can do to show yourself that self love. When we surround ourselves with people who aren’t good for us we are doing nothing but allowing them to control our moods and stresses. If you have that one friend that you care about but goes out of their way to bring you down. You will constantly be down. Get rid of them you do NOT need all of that negativity in your life sucking the positivity from your soul. Family too, just because they are family doesn’t mean they are always healthy for you. Love yourself and get rid of the people who don’t bring you joy and happiness and every day you will feel so much better and so much more in control of your happiness. 


Breathe. Stretch. Laugh. Cry in the shower [it is like free therapy] hug someone every day. Look in the mirror and instead of picking at what you dislike look at how beautiful you really are. How you were able to wake up this morning healthy and alive and instead of finding ways to poke at yourself and your life, take charge of your happiness and learn to love yourself again. 


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