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October 09, 2019

Just eat the cake.

I feel like it was nothing but constant pressure to watch what I ate during pregnancy and after a while, IT GETS OLD. Baby doesn't care if you look a certain way when they are born they just care about you and I think that is what the problem is during pregnancy. We care too much how we look and we care that someone will judge our weight. It is true for after pregnancy too! Sure eating well during pregnancy is very important but goodness, EAT THE CAKE. 



I would wake up extremely ill for months after finding out I was pregnant with each of my kids so eating wasn't really an option unless I wanted to throw it up shortly after. So when I was finally able to eat man did I enjoy myself! My baby was growing yeah I was growing and probably faster than I should have been but I was happy. I was still exercising and walking around the neighborhood I just did it with a nice treat in my hand and washed it down with water. I was HAPPY. I was still HEALTHY I just enjoyed my starbucks treat and my coffee because it made me feel better about the aches, pains, lack of social interaction.


The last thing on my mind was how my pants would feel on my already growing stomach.



Then I would get ready to head to my midwife appointment and although they never said it but they would suggest me not gaining any more weight that month. Now already being on the higher weight scale I get not gaining a lot of weight I really did however, the weight shame ate me up inside. I would go to a birthday party and not eat anything sweet because I was afraid of gaining weight and my midwife or even a friend making a side comment about my weight. Sure I was pregnant but that didn't matter, we self sabotage and pick at our weight no matter what so those comments didn't help. 



Eventually I realized that societies standards on how we are supposed to look during pregnancy and even AFTER pregnancy is unrealistic and fake. We are supposed to gain weight during pregnancy and it is OKAY to gain weight before and after. So if you are hungry for a nice big piece of cake just eat it and enjoy it and live your best life. Let that pregnancy guilt go. Continue to eat well and take care of yourself but it's okay to do you. You want to be happy you want to FEEL happy and you don't want to feel criticized. But one thing that I have learned is it is OKAY to refuse to be weighed or to feel like crap because you are wanting to have treats and enjoy your pregnancy. If you have a healthy BP and you are in good health say "lets just do a weigh maybe next week or I don't like the way you make me feel for gaining weight". It is OKAY to speak your mind.


Then pull a donut out of your purse and eat it.

Unless you are a diabetic then don't but you can pretend still enjoy your pregnancy. 




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