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June 20, 2020

June's Bitsy Baby Box Review

I love getting baby and I's baby box every single month! This month was fun it was titled "babble" which is so cute because it is VERY accurate for this age! Talkative little thing and ON THE MOVE too! I love the fact that they theme each box!



I also love that each little themed card has a description and a little "did you know" so fun!




The first item in this baby box is a diaper rash cream by Pain the butt Diaper rash cream. YAY. Sounds weird to get excited over something such as a diaper rash cream BUT I don't know if you KNOW but you can use diaper rash cream on a lot of things! Eczema, rashes, cuts and more! 




Next in the box we have a Bug Repellent spray by Mambino Bug Spray  It is always a great idea to pack and carry bug spray with you and always have some handy especially in the summer! Mambino products are one of my favorite brands they have all sorts of goodies that I love! So be sure to click the link above and see what else they have! Almost ALL of their products are on amazon so that is a win win!




I LOVE how the monthly baby boxes have a variety of goodies such as baby health, reading and toys! That was why I was really excited to see that they had put some flash cards in the box! These are just adorable and from a cute online store called Goodnightfox.com I love little shops and this site has the cutest little goodies for babies and kids!



There are TONS of colors in this little baggie and on each flash card it even has the spanish word for each color which is great because we are working on spanish and english for our youngest!




Next we have the CUTEST LITTLE BOOK OH MY GOSH! I LOVE board books. We do a lot of reading and this one was just adorable! Each page has little flaps and it makes it fun and interactive!









The last thing in this month's bitsy box was a cute organic sun hat and it is universal with two sides which is cute! We are outside a lot and I am always really concerned over the sun and my little one's skin so this will be great to have for the summer!




Seriously head over to their site and sign up or click each link by each image and order some products!



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