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January 26, 2021

January's boxycharm product review

Here is January's Boxycharm product review! I do have to admit I have been enjoying makeup a ton more over the past few months. I know I don't really have anywhere to go but it is nice making myself look somewhat presentable sometimes for myself!


I got this box about a week ago but I really wanted to try out all of the items before leaving a review and I am so glad that I did! 



The first item in this month's box is an eyeshadow palette by Violet Voss called "Olive you forever" SO cute! I actually have been using this palette every time I do my makeup mainly because it has shimmer colors and a few darker ones. Bonus tip, Use the shimmer color for a tad of highlighter! Love it!

I use the "major spotlight" as a highlighter too for small areas and love it! Gorgeous colors in this one!!


Next we have a 4 in 1 tinted moisturizer by PUR and I REALLY love this brand. At first I got excited because I thought this was a foundation and it is NOT. HOWEVER, it is a really nice moisturizer with a hint of color if you aren't looking for a full face. Shockingly it matched my face id say not going too dark since it is a tinted moisturizer you don't want it to look splotchy. 


Next we have a glow lip mask by Seraphine Botanicals! I really liked this lip mask because you can just apply it whenever I put it on before bed so my lips work on moisturizing throughout the night. I have noticed my lips a tad more dry lately mostly because its COLD here and you add a mask on top of it. So this has been really nice to have. Recommend for sure!

Remember a little goes a LONG way! So it should last some time!


There was also a lip balm in the box called "lipgasm" by Trust Fund Beauty. I really liked it. Again with this A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY as it is kinda oily but i think that's the point :) If you like glosses then this is for you



The last item in my January's boxy box was a toner by Farmacy. I really liked this toner. I have been using it every day after I do a full face cleanse and it doesn't leave my face dry or anything and after almost a week of use I can tell that my face already feels so much better!


Lovely bag! I do have a few NEW subscriptions coming soon for FEB and I cannot wait to do a fun and honest review for you all!




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