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January 25, 2020

January's Bitsy Baby Box Review

It's a new year which means NEW boxes! 


If you have not had a chance to check it out check out BITSY BOX - CHECK IT OUT and get signed up for these fun boxes for your baby! You can sign up during your pregnancy or once your baby is born and when you enter the age details each box that comes to your door is catered to your babies age and development stage! We LOVE our boxes and look forward to getting them every month!


Here is a little run down 


There is a MONTH TO MONTH subscription that costs $39.99 a month and you get 5-8 products tailored to your baby's age.

There is a 6 Month option that costs $36.00 a month and you get 5-8 products tailored to your baby's age.

There is a 9 MONTH option that costs $34.00 a month and you get 5-8 products tailored to your baby's age.

And then there is the 12 month option that costs $32.00 a month and you get 5-8 products tailored to your baby's age. 

EACH plan offers a percentage off of their shop which is really cool! It is from ages NEWBORN TO THREE YEARS OLD! Fun!



This month's box was fun and aimed toward feeding! 

Lots of fun goodies this month for baby!



Okay. Let's get to it shall we.




This month's theme is all about Feeding! We are JUST starting the solid foods so there were some super helpful things in this box!



I loved this little "did you know tip" 

"a baby has around 10,000 taste buds!"




The first item in our box were these glass baby food storage cubes by Green Sprout! I LOVE that they are glass and I love this brand too so I was excited to see these in the box. I have been making baby food but finding good storage can be a challenge! I can't wait to order more! They are super affordable too!

Green Sprout Glass Containers






Next in our box was this really neat sidekick sippy cup and more holder! This is neat because they are ALWAYS throwing their things around or off of the highchair so it is neat that this just attaches to whatever wherever!

Lil Sidekick Sippy cup holder and more




Moving on we have this CUTE baby book! I love books and I love finding books for my kids too so when this big cardboard book was in the box I was excited because I have just started collecting for her! The cutest book and I love that it is all about foods and eating!

Yum Yum Baby Foodie Book




Next was this super cute bib! I really like this bib because it has a magnet clasp which makes it easier for removal!

Ah Goo Baby Bib




We also got a sample from Little Spoon which is awesome because I LOVE this baby food brand!




That wraps up this months box! WE LOVE this subscription and remember EVERY box is catered to your babies age! Try it out it is fun!




Click here to check out Bitsy Box




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