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January 15, 2020

January Sips by Tea subscription - review

I am still LOVING my tea subscription! If you love a good book and a cozy cup of tea this tea box is perfect for you! Every box is catered to a quiz you take on the website of different types of teas and flavors that you like. Then every month their team puts together an awesome variety box of tea just for you! I only have one cup every other day or every three days and some teas you can re steep. 



Let's dive into this month's box!



Just like last month there was a custom page JUST for me with my teas! I love that it always has my name on it! It just shows that they put the time and effort into each box for me!




The first tea in my box is called Fujian Oolong Sips By Bare leaves

This tea can be re-steeped 3 times which is awesome and it is medium caffeine with a nice toasty flavor! I can't wait to cozy up with a cup of this tea and a good book! Especially with all of the rain coming! 





The next tea in my box is called Buddah's Blend Sips By Nepal Tea

This tea is low caffeine which is always nice for late nights when you just want a cup of warm tea without having to stay up way too late. This tea is a white tea with spices.




Next in my box is a tea called Minty Mojito Mate Sips By Tea Kitten

They had me at Mojito.

This tea is high caffeine with a minty fresh blend. This sounds amazing!




Lastly we have a Creamy Orange Lapacho Sips By Tranquilo Teas

mmmm orange! This tea sounds amazing with a blend of orange and vanilla and with it being caffeine free it will be nice to have at any time during the day.




I love that in every box they provide biodegradable tea bags for the loose tea that comes in the box! One of my favorite things about the box is how they provide these tea bags!




I cannot wait to enjoy these teas this month and see what is in store for February! Every month I love how much variety is in each box and no tea is like the other which keeps me coming back!


Go sign up!








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