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February 13, 2020

It's never too late to follow your dreams

It's too late to follow my dreams. It is something I hear and read ALL of the time. I get asked all the time how I find the time to constantly be chasing new goals and dreams and I say the same thing EVERY time. I just do.


Dreams are just dreams until you decide to do something about it and make it a reality.



If we continue to put off the things we want to do and accomplish in life because things keep happening we will never reach the finish line. We are all capable people we just need help and support along the way in order to reach that goal. I get so excited when I read a friends status when they are going on about how they reached a new positive position at work because I am there all the time. Working SO hard to get to the next step and it is so overwhelming and rewarding when you finally do reach that new goal. Sometimes it is easy for some but most of the time reaching that finish line is a lot of work and sometimes we feel like it is easier if we stop and stay comfortable.



But what does staying comfortable get us? It get's us nowhere unfortunately. WE NEED to feel challenged. We NEED to thrive. If we don't we will start to feel burned out but it feels somewhat okay so we just stay put. We have kids and we just can't seem to find time alone so it is easier if we just wait for them to get older before we attempt to start a new goal. We are worried we might fail and our hard work will feel like it got us nowhere. So sometimes we stay comfortable and that is okay but what happens when we start to feel overwhelmed and consumed by what is comfortable in our life. We wait. And wait. And then eventually we feel it is now too late to go for something new. IT'S NOT. GO for what you want. Chase your dreams and go for your goals.



If you want to go to school start slow. Take a few courses or start a workshop online. You can balance life and work and your studies if you go at a slower pace versus diving in. If you dive in you will have to remember that you are at a higher risk of burning out and overwhelming yourself. If you start small and slow and work at your own pace you will be able to put more effort and thought into your school work because nothing is rushed. I do a lot of workshops and a lot of my certificates that I earn for birth work are all study at your own pace and nothing is timed. It makes it easy to focus on my family, work, my home and then if I need to skip a few days or even a week of studies due to life I am not set back. If you want to study at your local community college or start a college online start with a few courses. Then every semester add another and stay steady then as the months pass you are ONE step closer while keeping a steady pace in life.



Have a positive support system. This is crucial. We all want to chase our goals and follow our dreams but without the people in our lives being a constant positive we might not feel like we can. Get your partner [if you have one] on board tell them your goals and how you plan to reach them and how they can help you. Make sure your friends and family understand life will be funky for a bit while you are busy reaching new milestones in life tell them you need their support.



Believe in yourself. It doesn't matter if you have kids. A full time job. Are young or feel too old. IT IS NEVER too late to follow your dreams and to go after the things you want in life. Believe in yourself and know your worth and your capabilities. Stop making excuses. GO for your goals BECAUSE of your kids. You can be home and chase your goals at the same time. I used to make excuses because it was easier...and now I know the things I am capable of. Sometimes I get giddy and excited thinking about what could be in a year or even five years. But I know if I don't push forward and make time for myself I will stay comfortable and still. I don't want to be comfortable and still I want to do all of the things and chase all of the things.



What do you want in life? are you comfortable? if you are maybe it's time to challenge yourself and go for it. It is never too late. Go get em.




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