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November 12, 2020

It's okay - Infertility & Pregnancy Loss

Infertility. What a word. It hits so many people in so many ways but there are so many things to remember if you are dealing with infertility. 


The first thing that you need to remember is you are an extremely valuable person that is very important and has done nothing wrong in order to be experiencing such a hard thing such as infertility. I have met so many people who have struggled with infertility or pregnancy loss that blames themselves to the point of sadness and depression. It breaks my heart because there is absolutely nothing wrong with you and it is important to remember the process of pregnancy is complicated for so many, stop blaming yourself.



Let's go over some It's Okay's when it comes to Infertility & Pregnancy Loss


1. It's okay to feel completely devastated.

2. It's okay to be angry for no reason. 

3. It's okay to feel jealous of friends and family who fall pregnant.

4. It's okay not to feel joy when you meet another person's baby.

5. It's okay to believe that you will never have a baby. 

6. It's okay to blame yourself, but not for too long.

7. It's okay to become obsessed over getting pregnant.

8. It's okay to grieve differently to your partner.

9. It's okay to question why this has happened to you. 

10. It's okay to lose confidence in yourself.

11. It's okay to hide and want to be alone for a while.

12. It's okay to take time for yourself.


14. It's okay to never fully feel okay.

15. It's okay to mourn.



It's okay to feel like no matter what you do or how hard you try you will never have a child but it is also IMPORTANT to remember that you cannot blame yourself for things that are not in your control. 


Let people be there for you. It is okay to open up and talk to the people in your life as talking is very healthy when it comes to grief and dealing with things in your life. Remember at the end of the day you are going through something hard and have been going through something hard. It is okay to not want to talk to anyone but it is also important to remember that your feelings are valid and you should never feel guilty over a loss or infertility. 


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