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July 19, 2021

July 2021 - Ipsy GlamBag Plus Product Review

It has been a hot minute since I have done a product review for one of my all time favorite monthly subscriptions! I absolutely Love ipsy and now that I have been doing Glam Bag Plus every month I am still super hooked on this one! I pay for my own subscriptions but of course want to share what I got for this month!



You really do get high quality items every single month even without the fun little addons! So what I do is I pick a few of my items and Ipsy chooses the other items then it shows me addons I can choose to purchase little extra goodies or just stick with the already paid for subscription bag! Easy peasy and a lot of fun! I LOVE my monthly mom bags! I know it sounds silly but since covid these little things really brighten my whole month.



So let's go over July's glam bag plus! 


Every month your items come in a cute bag of some sort and when you get the glam bag plus you get the cute larger drawstring bags! I love this month's!

The first item that was part of the month's bag was an eyeshadow palette! LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS! I love fun packaging I honestly feel like that is what makes the product sellable! The brand is Half Caked and the packaging looks like a floppy disk! if you aren't familiar with what a floppy disk is well it's a super old way of storing info before the flash drive came around! the colors are also super cute and have quirky names!


Next we have another picked by Ipsy product Hip Dot face palette and I really like this as there are multiple shades for a nice highlight/blush feel!


Next we have a GORGEOUS lip paint by Fenty Beauty! I absolutely love this color! I feel like it did take a while for it to dry since it is a lip "stain/paint" but when it did the color held up for quite some time! Pretty color too!


Next we have a 3 shade contour palette and it is pretty by the brand Basic Beauty! The darker shade is a bit dark for me but it could just be because I have ZERO idea on how to do my makeup most days! 


Last we have a face wash by dr. brandt which after doing some research I have discovered it is a great brand! Which is good to know because I break out A LOT in the warmer months. I am hopeful this helps my skin clear up!


I LOVED all of the items Ipsy put together for this month's Bag! I did add a few addon items when I was to pick my three main items for the bag. [you get to pick three main items out of a list which is cool then ipsy picks the other two] I love that! I chose a eye cream, a watermelon/charcoal cleanser, a foaming facewash and a mini blush all as add on items! I do remember each add on was $3. So they give you the option of just choosing your main items for the bag plus extra fun goodies which is always a nice thing to do for yourself!


Here is an image of all of the products I got in my July Glam Bag Plus - INCLUDING my little add on goodies <3


Thanks ipsy!

If you would like to try out ipsy you can do the standard monthly bag or you can do a glam bag plus here is the link to sign up! It does give me little bonus points which is cool and you can cancel at anytime!



Thanks for reading and until next month








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