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December 24, 2020

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus December 2020 Review

Hello lovelys! we are creeping towards the end of the year and we are going to do a review for Ipsy and I used to have Ipsy YEARS ago but wanted to try it again. This time I decided to try the Glam bag plus which was a total upgrade! I really like Ipsy because you can add addon items! They are pretty inexpensive addons too. You can get simple eyeshadows, pallets, skin care items or even bundles as addons. Then they just ship your addons with your monthly bag! 


This month the bag for December is ADORABLE! it is SO soft kinda reminded me of a sweater! I can't wait to use it for other goodies! 

Seriously HOW adorable is this bag!?


Okay let's dive into Decembers Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!


I am going to go over everything that came in the bag as part of my subscription. With the glam bag plus you get 5 full sized items. Then you can add extra goodies in the shop discounted if you want :) Before they build your normal bag you can pick a few of the full sized items for the month and I really like that!



The first item is a Eyeshadow Palette by COMPLEX CULTURE and I am super excited because I love eyeshadow and I LOVE a good day time look palette. So this will be super fun to play with! You can find this one on complex cultures website for $28! Complex Culture Eye Shadow Palette BUT if you just pay for the monthly its only $25 for the WHOLE bag of goodies every month. So obvious no brainer ;) It is a REALLY nice palette and case!


The second item in this month's Ipsy glam bag plus is a Gel eyeliner in Jet black by Wadner beauty and this is my first time trying a gel eyeliner. I am kinda old school with my eye liner with a pencil you can sharpen and pay only a dollar for. But as I get older and play with make up I am learning quality matters and I am EXCITED to play with this gel liner!


Next is a mascara by Rock out and Lash by Eyeko. Another new brand but after doing some researching on the product I am eager to try it out! You can find it on their website for $26.00 Rock out and lash mascara


Next we have an eyebrow kit by Million dollar brows! I have heard of this brand before and I am looking forward to trying it! I have a few brow creams that I love and will have to touch back after giving this one a go! You can find it on their website for $24 but right now the kit is only $12! Which is super affordable!


The last item that came in this month's bag is another eye shadow palette by Wander beauty! Loving the softer tones in this one! You can find it on their website for $25! wanderess rush eyeshadow palette


Now that we have gone over the bag that was PART of my monthly subscription, let's go over my paid extra for addons!


First was a moisturizer cream called "confidence in a cream" it smells pretty good! It is a super moisturizer which is great because my skin gets REALLY dry especially in the winter and my hands really feel it! So this will be perfect! This smaller one is $17 which isn't bad if you use sparingly. You can get bigger sizes too! I am REALLY hoping that this does something for my dry hands! [i'll be back to report in a few weeks]. This was an addon item! [not included in the subscription bag]


Next in the glam bag is a blush and bronzer duo made by Pacifica and I am LOVING this because I needed both and the colors are subtle but pretty! I also LOVE the brand. [This was also a subscription item that I added to my bag] You can find some amazing duos and other products on their website! www.pacificabeauty.com/products/sun-dreams-bronzer-duo


Another addon item for this months bag was a Matte as hell lip crayon by Sugar cosmetics and this color is GORGEOUS! You can find it on sugar cosmetics website for $20 Matte as hell lippie. Which in't bad for a matte lippie! 


My next little addon is a REALHER CONFIDENCE IN MY GLOW Highlighter! I LOVE a good highlighter but I always struggle to find a good one. This is an unfamiliar brand but I am eager to give it a try! This highlighter costs $25 outright and I got it for an addon and they had a smokin deal for $5 for this addon! Realher Highlighter


The last addon item that I had added to my monthly bag was a mini mascara! I love getting/ordering minis because you don't have to commit to spending on the whole tube and then what if you don't like it? I LOVE tarte so this is just adorable! You can find the full size bottle on Tartes website but I am sure you can probably find it at Ulta too! Tarte big ego full size mascara

Below is the cute mini I bought as an addon 


Until next month friends!



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