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September 20, 2019

introducing your toddler to chores

I may be one in a million but I love do clean and to do chores, it has always given me a sense of self accomplishment even from a young age. When my kids were toddlers they were always doing things to make them excited and to show me  how "big they were" and they were also constantly looking for things to give them that bit of self accomplishment. They were always saying "look mommy! look what I did!" and I would cheer them on and tell them what a great job they did! So I would have them help me do things around the house so we could work on things together and I would help them understand that by doing little things here and there around the home it would help them feel that sense of accomplishment.


Not only that but by having them get involved in chores as a toddler even tiny chores it helps them grow up getting used to the idea of keeping their things tidy and helping around the house. 


We want our children to respect their belongings and to understand that if we have nice things we must take care of them at all times. Also it helps them understand that by working together as a family we are taking the stress load of household chores off of one another, teamwork. 


It can be as simple as wiping a window that they can reach, making a fun chore list that you create a song out of that they do before bed that involves picking up their toys or even taking the clothes out of the dryer into the hamper. By having them do little things even as a toddler you are really helping them by giving them that excited feeling because they are striving to learn, help them learn help them learn to respect their things and the things in their home.


Maybe JUST maybe they will grow up and learn to like  doing chores. Or maybe not. But in the mean time make it fun and sing a silly song and help them learn that chores are way more than just a "chore" it is learning new abilities and gaining confidence EVEN if they are only three years old.



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